Smart Wildfire Monitoring

Smart Wildfire Monitoring refers to the use of Infrared and thermal cameras, AI analytics and other advanced technologies for forest fire protection and prevention.

Industry Trend

The 2020 global wildfire season brought extreme fire activity to the western U.S., Australia, the Arctic, and Brazil, making it the fifth most expensive year for wildfire losses on record. U.S. wildfire damages in 2020 totalled $16.5 billion, ranking it as the third-costliest year on record, behind 2017 ($24 billion) and 2018 ($22 billion). Three separate fires in California and one in Oregon generated over $1 billion in losses; 12 additional fires in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington each caused over $100 million in direct losses. The indirect costs were much higher: A 2020 study estimated that the direct plus indirect costs of the 2018 wildfire season in California were nearly $150 billion.
Fast and effective early detection is a key factor in wildfire fighting. Early detection efforts were focused on early response, accurate results in both daytime and nighttime, and the ability to prioritize fire danger. Xingtera’ and its partner has been offering the market with a cloud based, End-to-End turkey Smart Wildfire solution powered by AI based Fire Scan Robot, wireless technology, drone and data analytics platforms. The whole system is designed to achieve 24/7 always-on early smoke&fire detection through intelligent monitoring capabilities. By using the proprietary state-of-art technology, fire locations can be automatically identified and mapped to the DEM (Digital Elevation Model) of the AOI (Area of Interest).

Solution Overview

Main Advantages

By combining Heat+Smoke detection with Far and Wide visibility and Robotic Automation, our Smart Wildfire solution offers lots of advantages in fighting wildfires.
Early Smoke & Fire Detection

The robots scan 360° 24/7 enables always-on automatic detection. No delay nor tiredness. The Fast & Accurate Dual-Sensor combined with AI capability enables the smoke and Fire early detection.

Large Coverage

One robot covers 70k Ha, it significantly minimize manual operation and workload.

Accuracy and Robustness

Accurately detect fire occurrence by double-detection (IR & Visual) and the patented technology precisely determines fire location. The system works reliably in tough environment (dark, light polluted, hazy, windy & hilly).

Efficiency on Cost and Energy

More Manpower-Efficient, Energy-Efficient, and Carbon-Friendly than watchtowers and aerial fire patrol.

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