Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a parking solution that is consistent of Smart Parking sensors, cameras, car-finding equipment and other devices. These devices are usually installed into parking spots to achieve smart parking management and customer satisfaction.

Industry Trend

There are a billion parking spots across the United States. The demand for smart parking systems, which can assist city administrations in efficiently managing dispersed parking spaces and help drivers in finding available parking spaces, is also expected to rise with increasing traffic congestion. Parking property owners in different business segments are also looking for digital solutions to simplify the management of its parking spaces and improve the customer experience. The capability of these systems to ensure the necessary flexibility and scalability is further expected to trigger market growth.
Xingtera provides state-of-art Smart Parking solutions that include interconnected components, through real-time data collection, provide fully integrated parking, guidance, payment and analytics as well as a host of other complementary services and options. Based on various parking scenarios and business categories, a customized Smart Parking system can be configured properly. A Smart Parking mobile APP and web based management system are used to communicate the availability to users and help city administrations and parking owners manage parking spaces in a way they desire or prefer.

What are Challenges in Parking

The number of motor vehicles is large, and the supply and demand of parking spaces are not Balanced, the utilization of existing parking spaces is not high. In many occasions, parking creates lots of inconveniences to people’s daily life.

Poor Parking Lot Management

Parking lot equipment is outdated and most of charging service is still manual. In a large parking area, Motorists are likely to be frustrated searching for an available parking spot.

Inadequate Pricing Methods

Motorists prepay based on the maximum amount of time that they may be parked. As a result, motorists often end up paying for time they don’t actually use, and if they guess wrong they face a fine.

Lacking of Parking Guidance

Motorists constantly experience difficulty in finding parking close to their destinations. They have to spend excessive time searching for an available parking space.

Lacking of Sufficient Parking

Special events can potentially disrupt traffic flow and require crowd management. Each event can generate its own unique transportation issues and bring lots of troubles to event organizers.

Problem to Find Parked Vehicle

In large parking lots, such as airport parking, and mall parking, it happens frequently that motorists forget where his/her vehicle was parked. Almost everyone experienced this kind of struggling.

Unclear Parking Regulations

This issue can cause problems, including traffic congestion as motorist cruise for parking or stop in a traffic lane to wait for a space, and parking congestion in nearby areas.

Solution Overview

Xingtera's Smart Parking uses the cutting-edge LPR technology and provide a complete solution to tremendously enhance customer experience and simplify parking management. The solution offers reliability, scalability, durability, simplicity and affordability to parking garages of all sizes.

Three Main Sub-systems

The Smart Parking solution includes barriers, dual LPR cameras, LCD screens, reverse car finding and information kiosks, and payment stations, enabling:
  • License plate recognition for entry/exit management
  • Find-my-car for indoor applications
  • Open-air parking spot management

Parking Management Software


  • For operators: clear overview of the facility’s operation and performance
  • For customers: smooth entry, payment, and exit experiences


  • Scalable and easy parking facility configuration
  • Easy access control, device/charging-rule setup, black & white list, etc.
  • Intuitive dashboard provides reports and performance analysis
  • Real-time update of operation status enabling quick response to abnormalities

Key Features and Functions

Smart Parking solution is a powerful tool for parking operators/owners and most importantly, it makes parking much easier for customers with various features and functions supported.

Parking Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Parking rules control
  • Auto navigation
  • Device management
  • Parking spot management

Intelligence Guidance

  • Payments
  • Reservations
  • Parking guidance
  • Mobile apps for navigation & payments
  • Integration to 3rd parties

Operation Optimization

  • Data collection&Analysis
  • Planning&Policy setting
  • System operation
  • Mobile apps for owner’s operation
  • Auto vehicle management

Parking Guidance

We have multiple approaches, such as video detector, ultrasonic sensor, to detect the parking space status, assisted by the dual-color LED indicator for a quick vacant spaces guide to driver. Real-time updating for the occupancy status on the signage by connecting with our Management System will be able to facilitate informed decision making, which will greatly improve customers’ parking experience.

Car finding

Drivers can easily find their cars via freestanding kiosks placed near exits or by smartphone App, with simply input the license plate or the park bay number, and then getting the car location information immediately, such as the level, area, parking space number and directions to the car from your current location.

Parking management

  • For operators: clear parking facility’s operation and improve  performance
  • For customers: smooth entry, payment, and exit
  • Scalable with easy parking facility configuration
  • Smart access control, device setup, charging rule setup, black & white list etc.
  • Intuitive dashboard provides reports and performance analysis
  • Real-time updates of operation status enabling quick response to abnormalities

Parking statistics

The manager or owner of parking lot will be able to obtain our standard even customized statistics for their decision making and business model optimization. Our standard statistics cover performance and traffic flow. Performance statistics includes turnover, payment method, parking time, and customer portfolio (contract, temporary, reservation, etc.). Traffic flow statistics includes entry/exit time, entry/exit car flow, congestion, parking space occupancy.

Application Scenarios

Xingtera Smart Parking Solutions is applicable to various packing scenarios.

Main Benefits

Our Smart Parking Solution will help people to park in the most efficient way and help companies or municipalities optimize their parking territories. It also makes cities more livable, safer and less congested.
Optimize driving experience

Xingtera Smart Parking system saves a lot of time for drivers because it helps them find a vacant parking spot as soon as they are in the parking area. By using our LPR technology, you will be able to find the available parking spot with the guidance of the system, without having to browse through the streets.

Improve efficiency of city's space usage

Our Smart Parking sensors transmit live-data, drivers will have a real-time overview of the occupancy of parking lots. This means that free spots can be filled quicker, which will reduce the time that a parking spot is empty.

Reduce pollution

Smart Parking contributes to a cleaner environment. Reducing the time that is necessary to find a parking spot will reduce the amount of fuel that is used when looking for a parking space. This makes the process of finding a parking spot contribute to less pollution, which is beneficial for everyone.

Real-time parking analytics

Parking space will become intelligent by using the LPR cameras on the parking lots. The historical data of city's parking are stored and analyzed. The real-time analytics will help you make data-driven decision and predictions.

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