5G Industrial Explosion-Proof Helmet

Industry-leading Designs for Efficient Operation Management

16MP HD Camera

Enables Real-time monitoring onsite.

LBS services

Provides positioning & geo-fence.

120° wide angle LED

Allows for working in low lighting.

Explosion-proof design

Supports harsh environment.

16MP high-definition autofocus camera

enables real-time monitoring onsite operation, photo capture, and video shooting

Outdoor Real-time Positioning & Tracking Geo-fence & Alarm

enable the back-end checking helmet users location and help on emergency issue

120° wide angle LED

Ensures employees working in low lighting environment.

Laser beam pointer

Provides more accurate snapshot on the spot.

Multiple features

The video-featured industrial explosion-proof helmet is integrated with camera, voice intercom, and Wi-Fi/4G/5G communication modules, which supports multiple functions.

Explosion Proof

The helmet is designed for intrinsically safe and explosion-proof, which supports operation at - 30℃ to 60℃ and harsh working environment.

Customization with Multiple Expansion Modules

Hat-off Alarm

UWB/RTK/BLE Positioning

Fall Alarm

EEG Detection

Height Detection

Environmental Detection

Face recognition

Near-electric-power Alarm

Reliable Hardware


2GB+16G Memory

3800mA Battery

Qualcomm ARM&GPU

GPS positioning


4G/5G Cellular Module

Expansion TF card

1080P HD Camera

Application Scenarios





Oil & Gas


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