Smart Telehealth

Smart Telehealth refers to a healthcare system that enables patients and doctors to communicate with each other and remotely exchange information anytime and anywhere.

Industry Trend

With the advent of information technology, the concept of smart healthcare has gradually become appealing. Smart healthcare uses a new generation of information technologies, such as the internet of things (loT), big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, to transform the traditional medical system in an all-round way, making healthcare more efficient, more convenient, and more personalized. The CoVID19 pandemic has been challenging lots of medical infrastructure and medical systems in many countries and creating various problems for people who need timely healthcare. The timing for large-scale Smart Healthcare application is just perfect.
We are working with our partner(s) offering a set of smart healthcare solutions, such as wearable devices, a portable medical exam kit, and mobile internet to dynamically access information, connect people, materials and institutions related to healthcare, and then actively manages and responds to medical ecosystem needs in an intelligent manner. The portable medical exam kit is s powerful tool that enhances the video medical visit experience. During a video visit, our smart healthcare connects to patient’s provider allowing him/her to capture high-quality sounds/readings/images/videos. This information can be to make a diagnosis and offer a treatment plan and prescription, if needed.

What are Challenges in Traditional Healthcare

Many countries are facing a large scale problem with its healthcare systems. It could cost a nation up to billions of US dollars to get the infrastructure up to the standards.
Lack of Necessary Medical Resources

It's a well-known fact that lacking of medical resources is the biggest challenge for any medical system in either developed or developing countries.

More Pressure Due to Pandemic

The CoVID19 pandemic has resulted in severe global social and economic disruption, including destroying lots of medical infrastructures among developing countries. It has led to more serious issues in medical care industry worldwide. The increased infected people are exposed to huge risk due to broken medical systems.

Poor Coverage for Medical Care

For those residents living in the remote areas, particularly in developing countries, their in-time accesses to the medical care is always an issue.

Issue of Chronic Diseases Management

Chronic disease is a prevalent and expensive issue in the healthcare system. Effective and resource-efficient long-term management of multimorbidity is one of the greatest health-related challenges facing patients, health professionals, and society more broadly.

Overview of A Full-Stack Telehealth Platform

Xingtera's Smart Telehealth solution has adopted most advanced technologies in order to empower the capability and accuracy of remote diagnosis and enable the communications between patients and clinicians on a demand basis.

Key Advantages

Along with the usage of our solution, a unique and powerful data asset from individuals and communities will be built up. Eventually AI technologies can use these data to help the whole diagnosis process.

Personal Health Analytics

Based on clinical exam & baseline data, by identifying deviations from normal exams, alerts will be triggered. This is called Evidence-based decision support.

Community Health Analytics

Big data is classified according to gender, age, location, etc. Through deep learning algorithms, trends & abnormalities is identified.

Automated Diagnosis based on AI/ML

Deep learning algorithms for self-screening is based on long-term matching of clinical findings with predicted diagnosis.

Application Scenarios

Direct-to-Consumer Care

Empower patients to manage their family health.

Employee Health

For Post-Discharge, increase access, decrease health costs, reduce readmission rates.

Chronic/CoVID19 Care

Drive compliance Improve outcomes, improve health outcomes, reduce travel time.


Virtual Care Enables nurses with remote exams Improve student health

Visiting Nurses / Home Care

Increase access to care Enable clinician consults at hub locations

Employer On-site

Expand your telehealth services On-site wellness

Main Benefits


This solution makes home medical care possible with very elegant design of the home exam kit. It brings tremendous convenience to parents and patients, it also eases patient anxiety caused by lacking of access to the existing medical system.

Better Coverage

With our solution, people in remote areas can finally receive a reasonable medical care through local care points. By transmitting collected exam information of patients, through the help from remote medical specialists, the local clinicians can be more capable to take care of the patients.


For those countries that are seriously lacking of doctor resource, this solution is the best to mitigate the pressure and significantly improve the usage of existing medical experts. Well-trained doctors can treat and serve more patients through their assistants.


Our solution is a powerful tool to helping the fight against COVID-19 & infectious diseases. It can be used to prevent exposure and ease the burden on medical providers by applying our solution at Quarantine Sites, Remote Monitoring, ED Triage & Screening and Senior Care Facilities.

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