Smart Livestock

Smart Livestock farming refers to the application of digital technologies to achieve more productive, efficient, and sustainable farm operations.

Industry Trend

Livestock, farm animals, with the exception of poultry, primarily includes cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, and mules; other animals, such as buffalo, oxen, llamas, or camels, may predominate in the agriculture of other areas. It is estimated that by the 21st century, the mass of earth’s livestock, some 100 million metric tons (about 110 million tons), is more than that of human beings, wild birds, and wild mammals put together. Cattle make up the largest livestock group worldwide. Livestock play a significant role in rural livelihoods and the economies of developing countries. In the era of digital transformation,  using digital technologies to achieve achieve more productive, efficient, and sustainable farm operations is the trend in livestock farming.
By really leveraging new technologies, such as big data, predictive analytics, and IoT, Xingtera provides fully integrated Smart livestock farming solution to livestock companies and farmers, in which, tools and sensors are used to continuously and automatically monitor key performance indicators of livestock in the areas of animal health, productivity, and environmental load. The approach of data-based operating models goes beyond the electronic reproduction of processes, featuring pattern recognition, resilient networks, and self-organization. A Smart mobile APP and web based management system are used for livestock companies and farmers to efficiently manage and operate their farms in a way they desire or prefer, and eventually achieve the objective of digital farming.

What are Challenges in Livestock Farming

Visual Estrus Detection

Traditionally, workers detect estrus by using visual observation (Vulvar redness and swelling, secretion into lines), tail root painting (if the cow fur is messed), or rectum examination (check if the follicle falls off).

Heavy Labor workload

The methods used in traditional livestock farming result in additional workload. Labor work always brings mistakes and causes issues in the operation.

Low Productivity

To improve productivity in livestock farming, companies and famers have to cope with the multiple challenges caused by labor intensive operation, being short of management tools, and lacking of visibility on farming activities.

Solution Overview

Xingtera's Smart Livestock uses NB-IoT technology to trace and track livestock farming process and provide a complete solution to simplify the farming operation and business.

System Architecture

The system is a cloud based, End-to-End total solution.
  • NB-IoT based collar sensor on the neck to collect data
  • NB-IoT network environment
  • Web based management tool
  • Mobile APP

Introduction of NB-IoT Collar

  • Collect the activity data per second
  • Support miscarriage and labor checking
  • Support the rumination situation checking
  • Support the health analysis: Ovarian cyst, Postpartum paralysis
  • Support the behavior analysis based on the activity during the last seven days
  • Support the estrus monitoring and the best insemination time notification

Management Software

Management Platform is an efficient and easy-to-use monitoring and management system. It is designed for large and middle sized farms with comprehensive analytical models.
  • Estrus and pregnant analysis and monitoring
  • Breeding analysis, heath analysis, milking analysis
  • Feeding management

Mobile APP

Management system can be accessed over mobile terminal. Farmer can easily track reproduction status anytime anywhere.
  • Estrus detection
  • Activity analysis
  • Smart alert functions
  • Breeding and calving recording

Key Features

Xingtera's Smart Livestock solution is an efficient tool for livestock companies and farmers to manage its cattle/cow farming business. Various features are supported as follows.

Farm Monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time cow and cattle health monitoring
  • Real-time cow estrus monitoring
  • Real-time cow lactation monitoring
  • Herds monitoring

Analytical Models

  • Estrus and pregnant analysis and monitoring
  • Breeding analysis
  • Heath analysis
  • Milking analysis
  • Feeding management

Main Benefits

Improve productivity

Conception rate and shorting calving intervals can be increased, therefore the productivity will be improved.

Simplify decision-making

With the web management system and mobile APP, the data analytic reports help timely decision-making in a simple click.

Reduce cost

Expensive cost for hormone treatments and pregnancy exams can be reduced with our solution.

Prevent diseases

Our solution enables earlier detection of illness, preventing spreading of diseases.

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