Smart Poultry

Xingtera's Smart Poultry Solution provides customers with a cloud-base intelligent breeding system, which enables the monitoring of the growth of the poultry and the farm environment in real time.

Industry Trend

The poultry sector is one of the fastest-growing meat sectors, due to the increase in poultry meat consumption. The global poultry feed market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period (2021-2026). Increasing the productivity of poultry is critical to feeding the growing global population. However, high feed prices and other well-known issues are acting as a restraint to the poultry feed market. The advent of technologies such as IoT, AI and various wireless technologies, is leading poultry industry to move towards the trend of digital world.
Xingtera offers complete turnkey Smart Poultry solution, including Intelligent Breeding System (IBS) and Cloud Farm Management System. IoT and  smart equipment application help to build a standard poultry breeding data model, and continuous value mining could lead more penetration analysis of the breeding. The combination of the two systems brings lots of advantages to poultry breeding companies and farmers and help them increase the productivity, improve the efficiency, reduce the cost of breeding and protect the environment.

What are Challenges in Today's Poultry Breeding

High Cost

It is essential to implement standard breeding model with digital tools. Inefficiency is one of the core factors that make today's breeding costy.

Short of Talents

It is always an issue to find and keep right talents in the poultry breeding industry due to 24/7 work demand and tough job challenges.

Frequent Plagues

Most of the diseases are caused by improper temperature, inappropriate humidity, poor ventilation, and messy environment.

Solution Overview

Through Intelligent Breeding System (IBS), Xingtera's Smart Poultry solution changes everything in poultry breeding in terms of the application of various technologies.

Cloud based System

  • Cloud-based, fully integrated and turnkey solution/system
  • Complete set of hardware devices and equipment, including various control products and equipment
  • Capabilities for remote control and system automation
  • Strong data analytics for poultry breeding
  • Optimized breeding model through AI deep learning
  • Design service for shed and cages

AI Platform Structure

AI technology is deeply integrated into 4 subsystems:
  • Smart System
  • Machine Learning and Data Analysis
  • Database
  • Data Management


Our solution works in different networking environments
  • 3G/4G/5G wireless networks
  • NBIoT/LoRa, other LPWAN
  • Wired technology, such as Ethernet, PLC, MoCa and
  • Proprietary wireless technology

Environmental Sensors

  • Air temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • CO2 sensor
  • Water temperature sensor
  • NH3 sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • More …

Cloud Farm Management System

  • The CFM system offers cloud based software platform with dashboard, data analysis and real timing monitoring information, etc.
  • The CFM system is fully integrated with all the sensors and equipment and has the access to control those devices by following preset standard. if anything goes wrong, it will send notifications or trigger alarms.
  • Through managing poultry database, the CFM system provides farmers or farm managers with the professional guidance and instructions in daily farm management.

Mobile APPs

  • Real-time monitoring – The farm can remotely monitor his poultry farm(s). Various environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, ammonia gas have a big role in operations of Poultry. Farmers can get updates regarding the internal environmental situation of poultry farm by accessing the data using APP.
  • Increased Accessibility – Through APP, farmers can take actions to remotely control the system operation properly. If the system is deployed with automation function, it will initiate the action automatically to control the environmental parameters according to preset standards, if there are any changes in parameters which exceed the presets system will act automatically and help to take actions to control the environmental parameters.

Key Features and Functions

Main Benefits

The benefits of Xingtera Smart Poultry are invaluable to customers. By using our IBS, customers get an unprecedented level of access and control to the breeding farm and will enjoy great outcome they always dream.

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