XT1910/130 based modules

MOD958 is an ultra-high-speed (2000Mbps) module (Ghn module), based on Xingtera’s XT1900 serials communication chipset. The module is fully compliant with ITU-T (Ghn) standards (G.9960/G.9961/G.9962/G.9963/G.9964). It can be integrated easily for Ethernet over coax or Ethernet over twisted-pair applications.

The MOD958 module supports coax cables (video coax or RF coax), twisted-pair cables (CAT3/5/5e), or phone lines. The module is designed for the best performance (up to 1.7Gbps throughput) in different environments and different media.

The MOD958 module provides a 100/1000M Ethernet interface. The size of the module is 25*45mm.

MOD958 Specifications

Based on Xingtera’s XT1910/XT130 chipset

2-200MHz OFDM frequency range

Fully compliant with ITU-T (Ghn) standards

Maximum PHY rate: 2000Mbps

128-bit AES encryption

Plug-and-play with automatic domain master selection

Up to 8 nodes in a domain (17 for P2MP)

16 level QoS

One 100/1000M Ethernet port

Work temperature: -20~65°

Dimension: 25 * 45 mm

Low power consumption (Operational<2.3W / standby<1.3W)

MOD958 Performance

The bi-directional performance of MOD958 is illustrated in the figure. For point-to-point applications, the MOD958 module can support uni-directional data rate of 1Gbps (capped by Ethernet port capability) when attenuation is lower than 45dB. For multipoint applications, the aggregate data rate can be shared among all concurrent data streams with very little overhead. The module supports up to 8 nodes in a single domain on the same coax or twisted-pair cable.


We offer Easy-to-Mount modules based on our chipsets and technologies. These modules are designed to have minimum footprint for easy integration to host or client devices. Also we can deliver modules for coax media (MOD958C) and twisted pair (MOD958T).
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Coax/ Cables
Power Lines AC/DC
Up to 8 Nodes
2~200Mhz Bandplan
45mm * 25mm
P2MP Mode (17 nodes)
Coax Cables
Power Lines AC/DC
Up to 8 Nodes
2~200Mhz Bandplan
45mm * 25mm
P2MP Mode

MOD958 Features

High Speed

Auto-detection and time-domain (TD)/ frequency (FD) adaptive configuration to maximize the data rate for a given channel condition.

Remote Management domain master's capability of dynamic topology detecting & routing and being managed remotely.

Low Power

Low power consumption with power-saving modes and advanced power management

P2MP Mode

Point-to-Multi-Point mode to expand the technologies to applications for internet access via coax cables.

MOD958 Software Service

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey solution (chips + SW/FW) ready with customization options available

Real-time OS

Embedded real-time operating system running on high speed processor

Protocol Stacks

Embedded TCP/IP stack and HTTP/Telnet server for remote management

GUI Tools

Easy-to-use GUI interface for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics

Remote Management

Optional support of TR-069/TR-181/STUN/XMPP for remote management

Dedicated Firmware

Dedicated FW for power-line communication, Ethernet over Coax or IP over 2-Wire/Phone-Line

MOD958 Applications

Home Network

Provide up to 2Gbps ultra-high speed network backbone inside house

Nursing Call

Combine DC power and IP stream over the same cable to lower the cost and complexity

Internet Access

Reuse existing wiring like phone line or coaxial cables to provide broadband internet access

Smart Elevator

Provide stable IP stream over trailing cables to enable multi-media services

Visual Light Communication

Transmit IP network over visible light waves for secure communication


Create a reliable IP network between controller & deep water rover over 1.5km cable

Security Surveillance

Reuse the existing coaxial cables to upgrade analogue cameras to IP cameras

Video Intercomm

Leverage the power line to carry video IP streams inside the house or buildings

Extended Offerings

We design, build and support broadband PLC devices for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Devices

Xingtera and its partners offer several options of (Ghn) chipset based adapters or devices, including power-line adapters and + WiFi routers.

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High Speed Devices Up to 1.7Gbps over Coax


High Speed Devices Up to 1.4Gbps over twisted pairs or phone line


Ultra-High speed devices with PoE

Customization Services

We provide customization services based on our broadband PLC chipsets and modules, to fully meet your unique applications and requirements. Both general version and multi-hop versions are available, depending on specific customer requirements. We will select the best power-line communication, Ethernet over Coax, Ethernet over Phone-Line, or IP over 2-Wire chipsets or modules tailored for your applications.