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check_circle Developing customized broadband PLC solutions
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Broadband PLC technologies experts experienced in various applications

We provide a wide range of wired communication solutions for IoT applications, especially focusing on broadband PLC technologies. Our and IEEE 1901/HD-PLC communication chipsets and modules can enable high-speed Ethernet/IP network over any existing wires, including power-line, phone line, and coax cables.
Our solutions have been deployed globally with a great track record. They have transformed wired connectivity applications such as railways, gas stations, electric grids, EV chargers, residential/hospitality internet services, surveillances for public safety, underground mines, etc.

Broadband PLC Technologies

We design, build and support BPLC-based products and solutions for clients worldwide. We have extended our technologies to applications such as video intercoms, underwater UAVs, etc.

ITU-T Compliant Solutions is a specification for home networking with data rates up to 2 Gbit/s and operation over four types of legacy wires: telephone wiring, coaxial cables, power lines and plastic optical fibers (POF).
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IEEE 1901/HD-PLC is compatible with IEEE 1901 standard

IEEE 1901/HD-PLC is one of the wired communication technologies. It adopts high frequency band (2MHz~28MHz) over mediums like power lines, phone lines, twisted-pair, and coaxial cables.
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Extend network coverage via ITU-T G.9905 multi-hop relay mode

For long-distance applications such as smart meter, building network, factory, energy management, and IoT devices. The major technical features include ITU-T G.9905 multi-hop protocol.

Are Broadband PLC technologies only used for power lines?

Broadband PLC technologies were originally targeted at providing broadband network service inside home over AC power lines. However, they have been extended to other media like phone lines, coax cables, DC power lines or even plastic optical fibers. Furthermore, they have been extended outdoor to applications like security surveillance, smart grid, building automation, robotics, etc.

AC or DC Power Line

An widely available media for broadband PLC technologies and can be founded in any home or buildings. It naturally becomes the primary media for backbone network deployment.

Twisted pair or phone line

The legacy telephone lines were installed in homes everywhere. It is a good option to leverage the wiring to provide Internet access. over twisted pair can co-exist with installed xDSL services to provide high speed home networking.

Coaxial cable

The best media for wired communications. It is capable of providing up to 1.7Gbps data rate and can co-exist with cable TV signals.

Our Offerings

We create innovative wired IoT solutions to address applications worldwide. The solutions include state-of-the-art communication chipsets, easy-to-mount modules, ready-to-use devices and customization tailored to the customer specifications.


Our solutions have been deployed globally with a great track record. They have transformed wired connectivity applications.
Home Network

Provide up to 2Gbps ultra-high speed network backbone inside house

Internet Access

Reuse existing wiring like phone line or coaxial cables to provide broadband internet access

Nursing Call

Combine DC power and IP stream over the same cable to lower the cost and complexity

Video Intercomm

Leverage the power line to carry video IP streams inside the house or buildings

Security Surveillance

Reuse the existing coaxial cables to upgrade analogue cameras to IP cameras

Smart Elevator

Provide stable IP stream over trailing cables to enable multi-media services

Unmanned Aviation Vehicle

Transmit 4K real-time video over power line for long duration scouting missions


Create a reliable IP network channel between controller & deep water rover over 1.5km cable

Visual Light Communication

Transmit IP network over visible light waves for secure communication

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