Xingtera Provides 4G End to End FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) Network Solution Tailored for Global FWA Carriers

Xingtera 4G FWA Solution Overview

Xingtera provides end-to-end 4G FEA solution has integrated all necessary network elements for cost effective solution, easy deployment, and quick time to market.


Indoor or Outdoor CPE for FWA user access


Outdoor all in one or disaggregated small cell products, can meet cost effective FWA coverage requirements


EPC products support NFV or cloud deployment, X86 universal hardware platform, scalable and cost effective solution dedicated for FWA carriers

Network Management

Friendly GUI network management platform provide unified management function for all of network elements including configuration, performance, alarm management and so on.

Outdoor CPE for FWA Application

The LTE outdoor CPE supports Cat. 16 with DL 580 Mbps (2CC CA) / UL 30Mbps, maximum 36 dBm per 10 MHz channel EIRP and CBRS SAS client built-in , enabling increased service reach because of high-power signal transmissions and 4×4 MIMO high-gain directional antenna. The outdoor design enables it to work under near non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage. It can be easily and flexibly installed with a mounting kit supporting either wall or poll installation. The system also includes an integrated 802.3af/at Gigabit PoE port, and a dedicated mobile app with intuitive RF signal strength graphics for base station alignment.

Outdoor eNodeB Typical Configuration of FWA Each Site

3 Sectors per Site
47dBm Transmission Power per Sector
Antenna with 17dBi gain and eNodeB with 30dBm TX Power per RF port
S2/2/2 Configuration for Each Site at most
One Antenna and One Dual Carrier eNodeB per Sector
eNodeB Support 96 Concurrent Subscribers and 192 RRC Connected Subscribers
Each Site Support 6*96 Concurrent Subscribers and 6*192 RRC Connected Subscribers

Cost effective Compact EPC for WISP and FWA Carriers

Compact EPC integrated all the EPC network elements in ONE BOX, including MME, SGW, PGW and HSS
Type 1 support 50-300 subscribers, based on Single 1U X86 server or HTPC, and throughput less than 600Mbps
Type 2 support 200-2000 subscribers, based on Single or dual 2U X86 server, and throughput less than 6Gbps
Easy Installation and O&M:
Embedded Web NMS
All NE’s O&M operation could be done on one NMS page
Just need one public IP address for remote O&M and trouble shooting

Xingtera Unique mate Solution for FWA Outdoor CPE Installation

Take full advantage of existing coax cable at home
Reduce Ethernet deployment cost and workload
Don’t need additional POE adapter or POE LAN Switch for outdoor CPE power supply
Most suitable for FWA users who already have Satellite TV access