Integrated 5G PCN Solutions

Integrated 5G PCN Solutions

4G/5G Wireless Network Solutions

Xingtera provides the complete 4G/5G network solution that includes user equipment (UE), base station, core network and network management platform. It can be applied to public cellular networks like middle or small fixed wireless access networks or private cellular networks deployed for industrial applications like smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart city , smart port, VR/AR, UAV, machine vision, etc.


Diversified UE terminal devices include cell phones, customer premise equipment (CPEs), DTUs, wireless modules, etc. They can satisfy various application requirements of public, enterprise or industrial networks.

Base Station

Indoor or outdoor, all-in-one or disaggregated small cells, based on the Qualcomm SoC or Intel /NXP platform, can meet and exceed the coverage and performance requirements of various application scenarios.

Core Network

4G EPC, 5G Core and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) products support NFV and cloud deployment. The X86-based universal hardware platform provides cost effective solutions dedicated to middle or small public and private networks.

Network Management

User-friendly GUI network management platform provides the unified management function for all of the network elements, including configuration, performance, alarm management, etc.

4G/5G Network Application Solutions

Xingtera provides 4G/5G application network solutions for FWAs, private networks, smart manufacturing networks, etc.

FWA Network

End-to-end 4G/5G FWA network solutions including CPEs, base stations, core network and network management.

Private Network

4G/5G private cellular network solutions including UEs, base stations, core network and network management.

Smart Manufacturing

5G smart manufacturing solution for machine vision, smart logistics, AR/VR, remote control, etc.

Wireless IoT

Besides 3GPP 4G/5G solutions, Xingtera also provides narrow-band wireless IOT solutions like LORA, ZETA, NBIoT, CAT-M, etc.

Our Offergings

We provide innovative 4G/5G wireless solutions to address various industrial applications worldwide. The solutions include state-of-the-art small cell, core network, UE devices, management platform and abundant application solutions tailored to the customer requirements.
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5G Small Cell
4G Core Network
5G Core Network
4G FWA Solution
4G PCN Solution
5G PCN Solution
5G Manufacturing Solution

Solution Planner and Turkey Provider

Based on our rich experience in the IOT industry and technical expertise in the 4/5G industry, Xingtera can provide customers with one-stop solutions with software and hardware customization. Our team is ready to support customers in product definition, network planning, program evaluation, and cost optimization to enable our customers to achieve faster time-to-market. Xingtera can provide customers with the most cost-effective 4G/5G network solutions.

Requirement Confirmation

Based on the customer initial requirements, Xingtera provides technical consulting services to customers to finalize their project requirements.

Solution Planning

Based on the final requirements, Xingtera selects the partner products most suitable for the project and integrates and verifies end-to-end customized solutions.

Cost Optimization

Based on the solution planning results, Xingtera completes the financial analysis to recommend the most cost effective solution to the customer.

Turnkey Service

Xingtera provides turnkey solutions that include network planning, system integration, deployment, services, etc. to our customers.