Xingtera Provides 5G End to End Private Celluar Network solution Tailored for Various Industrial Applications

Xingtera 5G PCN Overview

Xingtera provides Agile5G PCN solution, tailored for various industrial smart network deployments and applications.The end-to-end PCN solution has integrated all necessary network elements for cost effective solution, easy deployment and management, and quick time to market.

Diversified UE

Diversified UE terminal devices including cell phone, CPE, DTU, wireless modules and so on, which can satisfy various industrial application requirements


Indoor or outdoor , all in one or disaggregated small cell products, based on Qualcomm SOC or Intel /NXP platform, meet cost effective coverage requirements for various application scenarios.


5GC products support NFV or cloud deployment, X86 universal hardware platform, scalable and cost effective solution dedicated for middle small public network and private network.

Network Management

Friendly GUI network management platform provide unified management function for all of network elements including configuration, performance, alarm management and so on.

Agile5G Network Features

  • Support Sub6G and mmWave 5G network
  • End to end solution with hardware and software
  • Fully integrated and tested to ensure seamless operation
  • Mature network element devices from qualified partners
  • Unified network management platform providing easy and effective management
  • Customization options available to meet customer requirements

Agile5G Network Applications

  • Fixed wireless access (FWA)
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Logistics
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Port
  • Smart grid and distributed energy system networks