Xingtera provides Evolved Packet Core (EPC) product tailored for public and private 4G/LTE networks

Cost Effective

X86 general server, support NFV and Cloud deployment.

Scalable Capacity

System capacity can be smoothly expanded from 500 to 10 million users

Good Compatibility

Compatible with mainstream UE and eNodeB vendors products

Worldwide Application

Already widely applied in global public and private 4G/LTE networks.

Compact EPC integrated all the EPC network elements in ONE BOX

Type 1: 50-300 subscribers
Single X86 server. 1U or HTPC.
GbE for SGi interface. Throughput ≤ 600Mbps

Type 2: 200-2000 subscribers
Single X86 server, 2U (Non-redundancy). Or dual servers (Redundancy)
10GbE SFP/SFP+ for SGi interface,Throughout ≤ 6Gbps

Scalable Large Capacity EPC based on Multiple X86 Servers

Typical Configuration:
1+1 hot backup for Control Plane,
N+1 Hot backup for User Plane,
support from 50K to 200K subscribers Capacity
and from 8Gbps to 32Gbps Throughput.