Agile5G Starter Kit

Agile5G Starter Kit Introduction

Xingtera is a technology leader in providing 5G private network solutions to various enterprises and industrial verticals. In addition to the 5G RAN network offering, Xingtera supplies 5G core network HW and SW solution, 5G CPEs, 5G Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), 5G IP cameras with or without AI inference capabilities, AR remote expert system, etc. Our wide-range 5G products can cover more than 90% of all 5G private network applications on the market. Today, we announce the release of a 5G starter kit with all the key elements of the 5G private network total solution to our customers so that they can experience the impact of 5G to their businesses quickly and seamlessly. The 5G starter kit is fully integrated into the Microsoft Azure-native 5G core to enable cloud-based 5G applications.

Typical 5G applications based on 5G private network

Video Application based 5G IP Camera on 5G Private Network

AR Remote Expert System Application in 5G Private Network

5G AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) Application in 5G Private Network

Diversified CPEs to Meet Customers’ Requirements