About Us

Xingtera, established in 2010 by industry veterans, is set to become the leader in the IoT solution market. Xingtera focuses on developing disruptive technologies to address three large markets: Wired IoT Solutions, Wireless IoT Solutions, and Smart City Solutions.

Wired IoT Solutions

Xingtera has been developing ITU-T G.hn-based modern ICs since its inception. We advocate G.hn + WiFi integrated solution as the home network of choice worldwide.

Xingtera has been leading the effort in promoting G.hn technology and standardization globally with the other G.hn allies during the past years. Currently, tens of major international telecoms have selected and deployed G.hn as their “smart home” wireline home network or access network technology.

Xingtera also plays a very important role to create innovated wired IoT solutions and applications worldwide. Its technologies have been deployed in projects such as smart cities, security surveillance cameras, smart payment systems, smart parking solutions, train car interconnection, underwater robots, etc.

Wireless IoT Solutions

Xingtera provides end-to-end private 4G/5G cellular networks (PCN). Xingtera’s Agile PCN solutions pre-integrates all network elements from core network, small cells, to user equipment. A unified management platform is also provided for easy network operation. Therefore, Xingtera PCN solutions help businesses to accelerate their private network deployment with a mature and verified system.

Smart City Solutions

Xingtera created the smart city solution platform “Xingtrium” in order to simplify global smart city initiatives. The Xingtrium platform aims to provide flexible business models and qualified solutions to global cities with the intention of rapid smart city transformation. For more information, please visit www.xingtrium.com.



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