TROLLEE P1 – Smart Retail PoC from U Mobile, Qualcomm, and TFM

Original source: Malaysian Wireless

Malaysia 5G mobile service provider, U Mobile has joined forces with chip-designer Qualcomm and The Food Merchant (TFM) to conduct a proof-of-concept (PoC) with the TROLLEE P1 smart retail solution for shopping carts at TFM’s Pavilion Embassy grocery outlet on Jalan Ampang. This PoC is currently ongoing and will be active for a limited time.


According to the companies, TROLLEE P1 makes shopping easier for customers. Shoppers can search for products by categories or recommendations by simply typing in the name of the product they are looking for. To save time, they can use the navigation feature on TROLLEE P1 to find products in the store. Shoppers can also manage their shopping list and budget by scanning products with the device before placing them in the cart. If a product is on promotion, ads may appear on the screen when shoppers are near the location of the product. This feature is made possible with TROLLEE P1’s highly accurate in-store positioning system. The self-checkout feature in TROLLEE P1 allows for convenient, fast, and contactless payment, eliminating the need for shoppers to queue at the cashier.

Additionally, TROLLEE P1 uses augmented reality (AR) technology in campaigns to engage shoppers with interactive games and activities, providing an immersive shopping experience.


Some key features of TROLLEE P1 below:

  1. Customers can search for a specific product and use the navigation feature on TROLLEE P1 to locate a product in the supermarket.
  2. TROLLEE P1 is able to recommend customers a product on promotion with a pop up ad when customers are near it in the supermarket.
  3. TROLLEE P1 helps customer to manage their shopping list as customers can scan the barcode of the product with the device to log their purchases.
  4. Customers can enjoy hassle-free check out as the cashier simply needs to scan the QR code on TROLLEE P1 for customers to make payment.

For retailers, TROLLEE P1 presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between the online and offline (O2O) customer journey. The smart shopping cart’s proprietary hardware and software can capture data on shopper patterns and preferences. Retailers can analyze this data to enhance their loyalty rewards system, provide targeted marketing content, and improve operational efficiency by facilitating quicker decision-making, as all data can be displayed in real-time through the TROLLEE Data Dashboard.

Alex Tan, Chief Sales Officer of U Mobile, shared, “Our vision is to be Malaysia’s favourite digital services provider and true to that ethos, we are always looking at how we can leverage on digital innovations to enhance industries. With the Malaysian retail industry rebounding so reassuringly post-pandemic, we believe that this is the best time for U Mobile to provide our connectivity expertise to power technologies that elevate the supermarket shopping experience for Malaysians Hence, we are delighted to partner Qualcomm and The Food Merchant on this initiative as the insights provided by their customers will be invaluable.”

Alex adds that smart retail is just the start as U Mobile is actively seeking to partner different industries to explore or implement digital solutions to contribute to Malaysia’s ambition to be a technology-based economy as outlined in the 12 Malaysia Plan.

TROLLEE P1 PoC is made possible by U Mobile, The Food Merchant, Qualcomm, and Xingtera. Shoppers can experience the convenience that TROLLEE P1 provides now at The Food Merchant at Pavilion Embassy, with a selected set of functions. They can then provide their feedback by scanning the QR code provided by TROLLEE P1 after they checkout.