Xingtera trials powerline communications in electric vehicle chargers

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June 14, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Xingtera trials powerline communications in electric vehicle chargers
Xingtera Inc. (Shanghai, China), a developer of powerline communication (PLC) modems, has completed a trial of PLC applied to electric vehicle charging stations.

The trial was conducted with Star Charge, one of China’s leading electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) operators with more than 20,000 charging devices already deployed across China. The trial was based on EVConnect 2.0, a broadband powerline networking solution developed by Xingtera to specifically address the need for the EVCS market. It provides communication access native to powerline to individual EV charging devices and meets the demand for payment, remote EVCS management, and advertisement video downloading.

“EVConnect” is based on XT1200, Xingtera’s gigabit wireline communication ASIC. XT1200 complies with ITU-T’s standards, which include a series of protocols for long distance communication over existing wires such as powerline, coaxial cable, or telephone wire.

Ms Shao Danwei, the chairwoman of Star Charge, said her company would adopt EVConnect 2.0 for future charging device deployment so that more bandwidth-hungry, value-add applications can be integrated to generate more profit.

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