Director of Human Resources


  1. Developing and implementing human resources policies.
  2. Supporting strategic objectives.
  3. Hiring staff and negotiating employment agreements.
  4. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  5. Managing staff wellness and performance reviews.
  6. Motivating and supporting current staff.
  7. Maintaining staff records.
  8. Handling employee benefits.
  9. Identifying staffing needs and creating job descriptions.
  10. Designing and directing training programs.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in human resources management.
  2. Excellent communication skills.
  3. Highly organized.
  4. Superior interpersonal skills.
  5. Detail-oriented.
  6. Good problem-solving skills.
  7. Budget management experience.
  8. Strong people skills.
  9. Knowledge of labor laws and regulations.
  10. Computer literacy.
  11. Fluent in both English and Chinese
Creative brainstorming.

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