Xingtera Introduces An All-in-one 5G AI IP Camera to Take Digital Transformations to the Next Level

As a critical bridge between digital and physical worlds, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents one of the biggest opportunities for AI deployment. We all know that IP cameras are the key component, acting as eyes and ears, of the world of IoT. IP cameras with high-performance AI capability expand the IoT applications beyond what we thought possible.

Xingtera’s latest offering, an all-in-one 5G AI IP camera XTEE5183, has debuted to combine the best in class features in an ultra-high-definition IP camera, peak-performance AI inference functions and top-speed 5G communication capability into one standard camera casing. It takes full advantage of the Qualcomm QCS8250 processor with state-of-the-art computing, image processing, and neural network processing technologies.



As a typical security surveillance application shown above, Xingtera’s 5G AI IP cameras bring us the following benefits:

  • Easy deployment due to built-in 5G CPE and AI engine to access the network;
  • Huge saving in wireless transmission bandwidth because high-resolution raw videos are terminated inside the camera for video AI processing so that only low-bandwidth processed results are transmitted to command centers;
  • Low latency because heavy lifting of AI processing is done inside the camera so that video streams are not transmitted to edge or cloud computing;
  • High security and privacy because of strict authentication, high security, and Quality of Service guaranteed by 5G cellular network.

Xingtera all-in-one 5G Al IP cameras have the following distinct competitive advantages over the run-of-the-mill IP cameras:

  • Lossless real image processing to eliminate the artifacts introduced by the image compression process;
  • Extremely low latency due to the ultra-high-performance mobile edge computing (MEC) capability of Qualcomm QCS8250;
  • Federate learning to tailor the convolution neural network (CNN) models specific to the application scenarios.

The detailed specifications of the camera are listed in the table below.


About Xingtera

Xingtera is a technology company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley.  It is a Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator member, and to find out more, visit

We started as a communication IC company, providing wired solutions for home networking. With the rise of global digitalization, we transformed ourselves into a solution provider by working with various ODM/OEMs and system integrators and providing cloud-based end-to-end total solutions. In the past two years, we have been augmenting our solutions by taking advantage of 5G Private Networks across multiple market segments. Today, we are able to offer a rich set of 5 G-based End2End IoT solutions, including complete 5G Private Network solutions and various industry-specific-vertical solutions.

At Xingtera, we are fully committed to building a B2B platform, which acts as a one-stop marketplace to offer our customers a full range of IoT products and solutions as well as a community where enterprises and vendors can be organically connected.