End-to-End Private 4G / LTE Network

Private 4G Network Overview

Although there are many legacy 4G/LTE players offering many options for private cellular network (PCN) solutions, the market has not been very friendly to small to medium sized customers. Therefore, Xingtera provides its Agile PCN solution, tailored for small to medium scale private network deployments and applications.

The end-to-end PCN solution has integrated all necessary network elements for a smooth deployment experience, including

  • 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • 4G LTE / CBRS Small Cells
  • 4G LTE / CBRS Outdoor/Indoor CPEs
  • Unified Management Platform

The following diagram explains the topology of a private 4G network.

Xingtera Agile PCN Private 4G/LTE Network Topology

Private 4G Network Features

  • End to end solution with hardware and software
  • Fully integrated and tested to ensure seamless operation
  • Mature network element devices from qualified vendors
  • Unified network management platform providing device level configuration and statistics
  • Customization options available to meet customer requirements

Private 4G Network Applications

  • Fixed wireless access (FWA)
  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)
  • Agriculture network
  • Logistics network
  • Corporate or enterprise mobility network

4G/LTE Products

Learn more about Xingtera’s 4G/LTE products from qualified partners.