Agile5G: End-to-End Private 5G Network

Agile5G – Private 5G Network Overview

5G is evolving by the day, and the overwhelming new technologies and products can be daunting to private network users. In order to address this problem, Xingtera set to provide a simple private 5G network solution: Agile5G.

The end-to-end Agile5G solution has integrated all necessary network elements for a smooth deployment experience, including

  • 5G Core Network (5GC)
  • Optional 5G Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
  • 5G Small Cells
    • Sub 6GHz 5G Small Cells
    • mmWave 5G Small Cells
  • 5G Outdoor/Indoor CPEs
  • Unified Management Platform

Since all network elements have been integrated and tested, users can jump start the 5G PCN deployment without worrying about product selection, verification, and interoperability. In addition, Xingtera also provides a unified management platform covering all devices from base stations to CPEs, further streamlining the daily network operation and maintenance work.

The following diagram explains the topology of a private 5G network.

agile5g private 5g network topology

Agile5G – Private 5G Network Features

  • Sub 6GHz and mmWave both available
  • End to end solution with hardware and software
  • Fully integrated and tested to ensure seamless operation
  • Mature network element devices from qualified vendors
  • Unified network management platform providing device level configuration and statistics
  • Customization options available to meet customer requirements

Agile5G – Private 5G Network Applications

  • Fixed wireless access (FWA)
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart port
  • Smart logistics
  • Smart grid and distributed energy system networks

Agile5G – 5G Evaluation Kit

The Agile5G Evaluation Kit includes a minimum set of 5G network devices so that customers can start to evaluate 5G features and functionalities right away. For more information, please contact us.

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