4G LTE/CBRS FWA Solution

4G LTE/CBRS FWA Solution

Although there are many legacy 4G/LTE players offering many options for LTE/CBRS FWA solutions, the market has not been very friendly to small to medium sized FWA carriers. Therefore, Xingtera provides cost-effective 4G LTE/CBRS FWA solution, tailored for small to medium scale LTE/CBRS FWA network deployments and applications.

The end-to-end FWA solution has integrated all necessary network elements for a smooth deployment experience, including

  • 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • 4G LTE / CBRS Outdoor Small Cells
  • 4G LTE / CBRS Outdoor/Indoor CPEs
  • Unified Management Platform

The following diagram explains the topology of 4G FWA network.


4G LTE/CBRS FWA Network Features

  • Cost-effective End to end solution with hardware and software
  • Fully integrated and tested to ensure seamless operation
  • Mature network element devices from qualified vendors
  • Unified network management platform providing device level configuration and statistics
  • Customization options available to meet customer requirements

eNodeB Typical Configuration of Each Site based on Outdoor Small Cell

  • 3 Sectors per Site
  • 47dBm Transmission Power per Sector
  • Antenna with 17dBi gain and eNodeB with 30dBm TX Power per RF port
  • S2/2/2 Configuration for Each Site at most
  • One Antenna and One Dual Carrier eNodeB per Sector
  • eNodeB Support 96 Concurrent Subscribers and 192 RRC Connected Subscribers
  • Each Site Support 6*96 Concurrent Subscribers and 6*192 RRC Connected Subscribers

Cost effective Compact EPC for WISP and FWA Carriers

  • Compact EPC integrated all the EPC network elements in ONE BOX, including MME, SGW, PGW and HSS
  • Type 1 support 50-300 subscribers, based on Single 1U X86 server or HTPC, and throughput less than 600Mbps
  • Type 2 support 200-2000 subscribers, based on Single or dual 2U X86 server, and throughput less than 6Gbps
  • Easy Installation and O&M:
    • Embedded Web NMS
    • All NE’s O&M operation could be done on one NMS page
    • Just need one public IP address for remote O&M and trouble shooting

Outdoor CPE for FWA Application

The LTE outdoor CPE supports Cat. 16 with DL 580 Mbps (2CC CA) / UL 30Mbps, maximum 36 dBm per 10 MHz channel EIRP and CBRS SAS client built-in , enabling increased service reach because of high-power signal transmissions and 4×4 MIMO high-gain directional antenna. The outdoor design enables it to work under near non-line-of-sight conditions to increase coverage. It can be easily and flexibly installed with a mounting kit supporting either wall or poll installation. The system also includes an integrated 802.3af/at Gigabit PoE port, and a dedicated mobile app with intuitive RF signal strength graphics for base station alignment.

Xingtera Unique G.hn mate Solution for FWA Outdoor CPE Installation

  • Take full advantage of existing coax cable at home
  • Reduce Ethernet deployment cost and workload
  • Don’t need additional POE adapter or POE LAN Switch for outdoor CPE power supply
  • Most suitable for FWA users who already have Satellite TV access


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