XT810/200 based modules

MOD920 is a wired IoT connectivity module, based on Xingtera’s XT810/XT200 communication chipset. It is designed for easy integration into IP surveillance cameras with dimensions of 38x38mm. It can be easily deployed for IP surveillance cameras directly over coax or twisted-pair cables.

The MOD920 module supports a wide range of cables including coax (video coax or RF coax), Twisted pair (CAT3/5/5e), and DC/AC powerline. The module is designed for the best Ethernet over coax performance for surveillance camera connectivity or networking.

The MOD920 module provides 10/100M Ethernet interface, simplifying the connection with host or client devices.

MOD920 Specifications

Based on Xingtera’s XT810/XT200 chipset

2-28MHz OFDM frequency range

Maximum PHY rate: 240Mbps

Support LDPC-C FEC with 128-bit AES encryption

Two pairing schemes

16 level QoS with scheduling based on MAC address, 802.1p or TCP port

Only a single 12V power supply is required

Up to 8 nodes in a domain

One 10/100M Ethernet

Work temperature: -20~60°

Dimension: 38 * 38 mm

Ultra-low power consumption design. (Operational: <1.5W / standby: <0.3W)

MOD920 Performance

The right picture shows the bi-directional aggregate data rate under different attenuation (0 – 90 dB), tested using a Spirent TestCenter. The aggregate data rate is calculated by adding the downstream and upstream data rates.

MOD920 Applications

Security Surveillance

Reuse the existing coaxial cables to upgrade analogue cameras to IP cameras

IP camera upgrade

Integrated inside IP camera to enable IP stream over existing coax cables

IoT Connectivity

Leverage existing wirings (coax/twisted-pairs) to provide IP stream

Smart home appliances

Plug-and-play module for home appliances over AC power-line

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