Xingtera Device Upgrades Home Networks with Radio Frequency (RF) Over Coax

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Taurus (XT1200) Delivers Coax, Power-line and Phone-line Connectivity in One Chip

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — January 8, 2013 — Xingtera, an innovation leader in delivering home networking solutions, today announced the availability of Taurus (XT1200) chipset, a home networking system on a chip (SoC) with RF capabilities that delivers connectivity across Coax, Power-line, and Phone-line media. By utilizing the 100MHz or 200MHz RF bandwidth in the coax cable, Taurus ensures home interconnectivity expansion for the growing performance needs of smart applications without interfering with existing services. Taurus chipset solves the FTTx deployment issues by addressing service providers’ needs for a high performance, low-cost, ubiquitous home connectivity solution.

“ availability intersects the market at a time where end customers need more bandwidth and service providers need innovative solutions,” said Yuqing Niu, CEO, Xingtera. “Xingtera, a key contributor to the ITU-T and Japan TTC standards, allows customers to expand their home network utilizing the RF bands and to combine bandwidths increasing performance thus opening up new possibilities to home networking.”

“Service Providers are looking to support high performance home networks with multiple HD IPTV streaming and without installing new wires,” commented Jeff Heynen, Directing Analyst, Broadband and Video, Infonetics Research. “A solution, like Taurus, with RF over coax capable of supporting 200MHz band plan could be a real game changer.”

China Telecom, the largest fixed-line Service Provider in the world in terms of the number of subscribers, is actively driving technology development in China to extend its broadband access to the home network.

In addition to service providers, consumer electronics (CE) retailers also benefit from the home networking products. One of the greatest challenges facing consumers today is the many incompatible technologies that exist in the home. technology provides the only single wired standard for connecting devices together over coax, powerlines, and phonelines. Enthusiastic support by service providers and CE suppliers to establishes its eco-system world-wide.

Key Features:

  • Supports
    • Gigabit performance over coax, phone-line, and power-line
    • Baseband and RF band operations
    • 200MHz band plan for RF coax media
  • Two Ethernet ports and embedded Layer-2 switch core to support to Ethernet and WiFi media simultaneously
  • Full protocol stack, TCP/IP network stack, and web management
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Compliant to G.9972 ITU-T specification to coexist with HD-PLC/HomePlugAV devices
  • Native support to Neighborhood Network Interference Mitigation in power-line media

Taurus (XT1200) chipset is currently sampling.

Xingtera at CES:

Xingtera will showcase its products at HomeGrid Forum Booth (#21906, South Hall 1, Ground Level, LVCC).

About Xingtera:

Xingtera, a communication IC company, focuses on home networking and smart grid markets. With over 15 patents filed, Xingtera dedicates its effort to promote and develop ITU-T technology and products. Established in 2010 by industry veterans, Xingtera has operations in Shanghai, China and Santa Clara, California.



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