Smart Grid AMR/AMI by Broadband Power-Line Communication (PLC)

Smart Grid AMR/AMI by Broadband Power-Line Communication (PLC)

Xingtera offers power-line communication chipsets, modules, and solutions for smart grid and remote metering (AMR/AMI) applications, enabling broadband, reliable, and real-time power, utilities, and energy data collection and management. 

Smart Grid AMR/AMI and Broadband Power-Line Communication (PLC)

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) or Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), is the technology of automatically collecting meter (for example, electricity KWH meter) data, including power consumption, status, or diagnostic, and also communicate such data to a server for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. A typical AMR/AMI system or solution may include hardware, software, communications, consumer energy displays and controllers, customer associated systems, meter data management software, and supplier business systems. The AMR/AMI technology is capable of saving utility providers a large portion of resources for physically visiting and reading meters.


Smart Grid Topology Overview

Smart Grid Overall Topology

Smart grid and remote metering (AMR/AMI) are some of the key applications for high-speed broadband power-line communication (PLC) technologies. Compared to legacy narrow-band technologies, which usually only support monthly data collection, high-speed broadband PLC revolutionizes the industry by providing the new possibility of real-time two-way IP data communication network between any of the meters and the data collection terminal. Because of the versatility of the IP network, as well as the reliability and high performance of the broadband PLC technology, utility companies can have an instant understanding of the power grid status, and action within a shortened amount of time when anomaly happens. 

PLC Smart Grid Topology: Transformer to Distribution

Smart Grid by PLC Topology (Transformer to Distribution)

Xingtera offers power-line communication chipsets, modules, and solutions for smart grid and remote metering (AMR/AMI) applications, enabling broadband, reliable, and real-time power, utilities, and energy data collection and management. Robust communication technologies are key to a successful roll-out of smart grid and remote metering projects. Furthermore, secure, IP-based, high-speed, and wired communication are preferred to enable real-time data collection, analysis, and control.

Furthermore, Xingtera’s high-speed broadband power-line communication solutions include several options ready to be adopted by customers, including chipsets, modules, or even customized devices tailored to a specific application or device. By choosing Xingtera’s broadband power-line communication technology, operators will benefit from more secure wired data networks and lower operational costs compared to wireless solutions (because PLC technologies do not require monthly payment to telco carriers). 

PLC Smart Grid Topology: Distribution to House

Smart Grid by PLC Topology (Distribution to House)

Xingtera’s power-line communication smart grid solution has been verified in the fields in multiple nations, with high aggregate data rate and high reliability. There are a few options to choose from, from to general-purpose PLC technology. The aggregate data rate ranges from 1Mbps to 40Mbps, to >100Mbps. In addition, the Xingtera solution supports multiple interfaces includes serial (UART/RS-232/RS-458/MODBUS), Ethernet, or GPIO. We are also able to provide customized software to comply with third-party protocols for faster time to market. 


  • Smart grid or remote metering (AMR/AMI) based on high-speed broadband power-line communication
  • Real-time utility management or energy/power consumption management  


  • XT810 and MOD927 support up to 1,000 nodes within a single power-line network
  • XT1800 and XT1900 chipsets support up to 1,000Mbps power-line communication 
  • AES-128 encryption to ensure maximum data security 
  • Support Ethernet or serial/UART interfaces
  • Support third-party protocol integration and customization 
  • Automated network setup with multi-hop functionality
  • Mature smart grid over power-line communication applications verified in Europe and Asia


The following power-line communication chipsets and modules can be used for smart grid AMR/AMI applications with different levels of requirements, in terms of aggregate data rate and time to market. 

  • MOD927 module for high-speed Ethernet over power-line network and smart grid 
  • XT1000 chipsets for ultra-high-speed applications
  • XT810 power-line communication chipset for high-speed applications

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