Robotics High-Speed Wired Communication IP Network

Robotics High-Speed Communication Solutions

Solution Overview:

Xingtera provides high-speed wired (wireline) communication solutions for robotics and robot applications, including industrial and commercial robots, wired drones, underwater drones, machinery, etc. 

Based on Xingtera’s PLC or technologies, up to 1,000 nodes can be connected together using the same coax, twisted-pair, DC power cables, or even metal connectors. The maximum distance between any two nodes can be as high as 2KM (coax) or 800M (twisted-pair). The aggregate data rate can be as high as 1.7Gbps depending on multiple conditions. Furthermore, it is possible to use the same copper wire or rail to provide power and IP data traffic at the same time. 

Reliability is always a top concern for robots or robotics applications. Xingtera’s wired communication solutions can provide stable networking with optional backups. Compared to wireless communication, wired IoT solutions will make the robotics network much easier, especially considering power cables and other wirings cannot be replaced in most applications. 

Xingtera provides multiple choices of industrial-grade PLC or high-speed communication modules, for easy integration to robots and similar equipment, and faster time to market. Depending on the actual requirements of data rate,  number of nodes, latency, etc, we will recommend you with the best fit for your application. 

Xingtera’s wired communication solutions for robots and robotics have already been deployed by many customers all across the world. Furthermore, if current modules or solutions cannot fit the need 100%, Xingtera also offers customization service including software and hardware so as to better address each customer’s unique requirements. 

High-Speed Robotics Wired Communication Solutions Topology - or PLC

Robotics Wired Communication Solution Features:

  • Wired communication or modules and solutions for robotics networking available 
  • IP network over coax, twisted-pair, power-line (AC/DC), or other metal wires/cables/connectors/rails
  • Long transmission distance up to 800 meters (twisted-pair) or 2,000 meters (coax)
  • Multiple solutions with various data rate capability: 100Mbps/1,000Mbps/2,000Mbps
  • Support up to 1,000 nodes in a single network
  • Support of multi-node cascade up to ten “hops”
  • Enabling Ethernet and UART traffic simultaneously 
  • Enabling IP-based two-way and group voice communication 
  • Enabling video or surveillance camera streaming 
  • No need for industrial Ethernet switches
  • Excellent EMC characteristic, insensitive to electromagnetic interference, optimized for robotics, wired drones, underwater drones, etc.

Recommended Wired Communication Modules for Robotics:

  • MOD923 modules for 100Mbps robotics network
  • MOD927 modules for 1,000-node robotics network
  • MOD958 modules for 2Gbps robotics network