High-Speed and Broadband Power-Line Communication (PLC)

High-speed power-line communication and broadband power-line communication title

Xingtera offers a complete suite of products and solutions for ultra-high-speed power-line communication (HPLC) and broadband power-line communication (BPLC) applications, including chipsets, modules, adapters, and customization services.

G.hn is a specification for ultra-high-speed power-line communication with data rates up to 2 Gbps. A single G.hn semiconductor device is able to network over any of the supported home wire types. With G.hn technologies, a reliable multi-node IP network can be established by reusing existing power-lines. There are many mature applications for power-line communication including broadband home and access network, smart grid, solar panel network, etc. 

G.hn High-Speed Power-Line Communication (PLC) for Home Networking

G.hn is the best solution for high-speed home networking backhaul by high-speed power-lines (powerlines). G.hn technologies utilize existing power-lines (powerlines) already installed throughout the house, and therefore the signals will not be affected by walls or floors. In addition, Xingtera’s high-speed G.hn PLC solutions support 100MHz MIMO technology, which uses 2 PLC channels via live/neutral and ground wires. Because the ground wire is generally cleaner, the MIMO technology provides even better performance and stability for broadband power-line communication. 

Xingtera’ G.hn PLC solution also supports advanced neighborhood domain interference mitigation (NDIM) algorithms. This feature is especially useful when several neighbors all have deployed G.hn systems for home networking purposes. G.hn chipsets are capable of smart detection of neighboring domains and more efficient coordination of transmitting and receiving time slots in order to minimize interference across different homes. Therefore, G.hn PLC solutions will have much better user experiences compared to legacy PLC devices.

G.hn High-Speed Power-Line Communication Home Network Topology

Broadband Power-Line Communication (PLC) for Smart Grid

Xingtera offers broadband power-line communication chipsets, modules, and solutions for smart grid and remote metering (AMR/AMI) applications, enabling high-speed, reliable, and real-time power, utilities, and energy data collection and management. Robust communication technologies are key to a successful roll-out of smart grid and remote metering projects. Furthermore, secure, IP-based, high-speed, and wired communication are preferred to enable real-time data collection, analysis, and control.

PLC Smart Grid Topology: Distribution to House

Smart Grid by PLC Topology (Distribution to House)

Xingtera’s power-line communication smart grid solution has been verified in the fields in multiple nations, with high aggregate data rate and high reliability. There are a few options to choose from, from G.hn to general-purpose PLC technology. The aggregate data rate ranges from 1Mbps to 40Mbps, to >100Mbps. In addition, the Xingtera solution supports multiple interfaces includes serial (UART/RS-232/RS-458/MODBUS), Ethernet, or GPIO. We are also able to provide customized software to comply with third-party protocols for faster time to market. 


  • XT810 and MOD927 support up to 1,000 nodes within a single power-line communication network
  • XT1900 G.hn chipsets support up to 1,000Mbps power-line communication 
  • AES-128 encryption to ensure maximum data security 
  • Support Ethernet or serial/UART interfaces
  • Support third-party protocol integration and customization 
  • Automated network setup with multi-hop functionality
  • Mature smart grid over power-line communication applications verified in Europe and Asia


The following power-line communication chipsets and modules can be used for smart grid AMR/AMI applications with different levels of requirements, in terms of aggregate data rate and time to market. 

  • XT810 PLC chipset for high-speed applications
  • MOD927 module for broadband power-line communication 
  • XT1000 G.hn chipsets for ultra-high-speed applications
  • MOD957 G.hn module for ultra-high-speed power-line communication 

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