G.hn Ethernet-TV-WiFi Over Coax Access Network

G.hn Ethernet-TV-WiFi Over Coax Access Network

G.hn technology supports up to 1.7Gbps Ethernet throughput over coax cable, making it an ideal solution for high-speed Ethernet, WiFi, or IP over coax access networks. Because coax cables are usually installed in all kinds of residential buildings, from rooftop/ground to individual rooms or apartments; a high-speed Ethernet network can be easily established by reusing the legacy coax cable.

Because G.hn uses OFDM technology, its frequency usage can be easily tuned to co-exist with TV (terrestrial/satellite/cable) signals. By default, Xingtera’s G.hn chipset supports 0-200MHz or 100-250MHz frequency range. However, the firmware supports quick configuration to adjust the groups of subcarriers in any field applications. It is even possible to mask out multiple groups or frequency bands so that the G.hn data signal does not interfere with existing TV or other signals over coax.

In addition, coax cable can also be used for reverse power feeding so that outdoor G.hn units do not require a standalone power supply, further simplifying deployments. This feature is very important for access network installation because sometimes it is quite difficult to find power supply in rooftop or equipment cabinets. 

With today’s ever-increasing demand for WiFi coverage everywhere, coax cables can be utilized to extend WiFi signals to different rooms even floors. Xingtera’s G.hn chipset can be easily integrated with WiFi chipsets to create a G.hn+WiFi device, which can be plugged into any coax port in any room, and deliver reliable high-speed WiFi coverage throughout the house.

Xingtera chipsets have been selected for multiple G.hn Ethernet or IP over coax devices and G.hn access network applications, and have been deployed around the globe. 

G.hn Ethernet/IP over Coax Application: 

  • Ethernet + TV over coax solution with power-over-coax support
  • Outdoor to indoor satellite TV or Internet access network over coax with reverse power feeding
  • Building Internet access network over coax solution for outdoor/rooftop wireless Internet access (4G/5G/60GHz CPE)
  • General-purpose IP over Coax networks and products

G.hn Ethernet/IP over Coax Products: 

Solution Features:

  • Up to 1.7Gbps throughput Ethernet or IP over coax
  • Up to 8 nodes connected in a single Ethernet/IP over coax network
  • Re-use existing coax cable to provide high-speed Ethernet connection between outdoor CPE and indoor Ethernet router
  • Co-exist with terrestrial/satellite/cable TV signals
  • High-speed access network with no need for new wire installation
  • All outdoor devices can be powered via coax cable from indoor devices

Application Diagram:

Xingtera Ethernet WiFi TV signal over Coax with Reverse Power Feeding Solution

Customized G.hn Ethernet/IP over Coax Product Features:

  • Outdoor G.hn Ethernet/IP over Coax Adapter
    • Powered by 48V coax cable (from ICU)
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 coax port for TV signal (optional 12V DC supply amplifier)
      • 1 coax port to receive power from the ICU
    • Provides 1 Ethernet port with PoE (802.11at, 30W max)
    • Water-proof (IP65)
  • Indoor G.hn Ethernet/IP over Coax Unit
    • Powered by 48V DC supply.
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 regular coax port (for TV, with HPF)
      • 1 coax port with 48V DC supply for OCU
    • Provides 1 regular Ethernet port
    • 100-230V AC-DC adaptor included