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Although COVID-19 vaccines are almost ready for distribution, it must be transported and stored at extremely cold temperatures (-70 °C). Although some cities and states have already acted to secure supplies, there are still lots of places around the world lacking proper infrastructure for safe vaccine transportation and storage. Cold storage for vaccines is a particular challenge in hot and remote areas due to the lack of reliable power sources, parts for repairs, and expertise needed to support refrigeration equipment. Therefore Xingtera is working closely with our partners to provide 2 solutions for vaccine storage: Vaccine Freezers and Passive Vaccine Storage Devices.

Vaccine Freezers

IoT-enabled ultra-low temperature refrigerators are used to achieve efficient vaccine management, precise vaccine positioning, one-click access, and fully traceable data for compliance. The solution solves a common and significant problem of loss within vaccine management, enabling zero wastage, quick inventory, and real-time information, creating efficient and more cost-effective supply chain management.

Utilizing IoT solutions within manufacturing, it’s possible to monitor and control, in real-time, complex automated processes. This delivers significant benefits in terms of energy conservation, facility and resource management, production flow monitoring, and inventory management to quality control, packaging, logistics, and supply chain optimization.

The ultra-low-temperature (ULT) freezer can be used for the storage and protection of valuable vaccines which require strict and continuous storage conditions. The system is designed to operate even in the event of a compressor failure. It can be deployed to meet many storage requirements found within blood storage facilities, hospitals, disease control and prevention centers, scientific research institutions, and biomedical engineering institutes.

Passive Vaccine Storage Device

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To help strengthen the vaccine supply chain (especially the cold chain) in underserved regions, Xingtera and its partner offer a Passive Vaccine Storage Device (PVSD) that requires no power source and can keep vaccines cold for a month or more on a single set of frozen ice blocks. Vaccines in the device can be retrieved as needed without jeopardizing the remaining vials, and the device can be easily serviced, restocked, and redeployed into the field. With a reasonable distribution program, each device contains the vaccine to meet the needs of the community of about 6,000 people.

Ice blocks and vaccines are loaded into the PVSD using the access opening on the top of the device. The ice blocks are stacked against the inner wall, and the vaccine carrier cup-stacks are then loaded into the center. Health workers can easily retrieve and replace the vaccine vial stacks several times per day as the device continues to stay cold and protect the vaccines.


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In the IoT era, Xingtera makes the extra step to connect all vaccine storage devices together by state-of-the-art IoT solutions. Together with its partners, Xingtera offers flexible business models including vaccine storage equipment leasing; on-device smart trackers keeping records of temperature, humidity, location, and more; and cloud-based management platforms. Thanks to the IoT technologies, the vaccine distribution process can now be easily accessed and managed from anywhere in the world. It’s possible to keep track of each individual freezer or PVSD’s movement and status, in order to optimize vaccine distribution, or to keep oversight of the whole process.

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