MOD957 Module

Brief Description

MOD957 is a high-speed (1000Mbps) wired IoT connectivity module, based on Xingtera’s XT1900/XT129 communication chipset. The module is fully compliant with ITU-T standards (G.9960/G.9961/G.9962/G.9963/G.9964). It can be integrated easily for Ethernet over coax, Ethernet over twisted-pair, or powerline communication applications. 

The MOD957 module supports coax cables (video coax or RF coax), twisted-pair cables (CAT3/5/5e), phone lines, or powerlines. The module is designed for the best performance (up to 800Mbps throughput) in different environments and different media.

The MOD957 module provides a 100/1000M Ethernet interface. The size of the module is 25*45mm.

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  • Security surveillance camera networks or analog to IP camera upgrade (over coax)
  • High-speed home networks over coax, phone line, or powerline
  • Commercial or industrial IoT connectivity
  • Ethernet extension over coax or twisted-pair (UTP)


  • Based on Xingtera’s XT1900/XT129 chipset
  • 2-100MHz OFDM frequency range
  • Fully compliant with ITU-T standards
  • Maximum PHY rate: 1000Mbps
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Plug-and-play with automatic domain master selection
  • Up to 8 nodes in a domain
  • 16 level QoS 
  • One 100/1000M Ethernet 
  • Low power consumption (Operational<2.3W / standby<1.3W)
  • Work temperature: -20~65°
  • Only one 5V power supply required
  • Dimension: 25 * 45 mm