MOD927 Wired Communication Module

MOD927 wired communication module

Brief Description – MOD927 Wired Communication Module

MOD927 is a wired communication and connectivity module, based on Xingtera’s XT810/XT200 communication chipset. It is designed for multi-hop networks, supporting up to 1,000 terminals with up to 10 hops in a single domain.

The MOD927 wired communication module supports a wide range of copper cables including twisted pair (UTP/CAT3/5/5e) and AC/DC power-line. The module is capable of quick and automatic network setup enabling full mesh network based on any existing wiring.

The MOD927 wired communication module provides 10/100M Ethernet and UART interfaces, simplifying the connection with host or client devices. The size of the MOD927 module is 65*25mm.

In order to facilitate legacy building automation networks, MOD927 also supports BACNet/IP over power-line, and two-way BACNet/IP – MODBUS conversion. Therefore, a power-line communication (PLC) network for building automation purposes can be established within a building, with additional features of BACNet/IP and MODBUS over power-line. In particular, any MOD927 can act as a BACNet/IP client and convert BACNet commands to MODBUS, GPIO, or UART actions, and vice versa. Therefore, for existing buildings interested in modern building automation retrofit projects, Xingtera solution can be applied to greatly reduce rewiring effort and capital expenses.

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Applications – MOD927 Wired Communication Module

Specifications– MOD927 Wired Communication Module

  • Based on Xingtera’s XT810/XT200 wired communication chipset
  • 1-14MHz OFDM frequency range
  • Maximum wired communication PHY rate: 20Mbps
  • Integrated BACNet/IP and MODBUS protocol support
  • Support LDPC-C FEC with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Two pairing schemes
  • Up to 1,000 nodes and up to 10 hops in a domain
  • Only one 12V power supply is required
  • 16 level QoS with scheduling based on MAC address, 802.1p or TCP port
  • One 10/100M Ethernet
  • One UART interface (maximum rate: 115200bps)
  • Ultra-low power consumption design. (Operational: <1.5W / standby: <0.3W)
  • Work temperature: -40~85°
  • Dimension: 25 * 65 mm