Wired Communication Modules – 2Gbps 1,000 Nodes

G.hn Wired Communication Module MOD958 - Wireline IoT Connectivity Communication                               Powerline Communication Module (PLC Module) MOD923 - Wireline IoT Connectivity Communication

G.hn/HD-PLC and Wired Communications Modules

Xingtera offers a complete portfolio of wired communication modules, wired connectivity modules, wired IoT modules, G.hn/HD-PLC modules, power-line communication (PLC) modules, Ethernet over coax modules (EoC modules), Ethernet over twisted pair modules, and IP over 2-wire modules. The PHY rate ranges from 20Mbps up to 2Gbps, and the system supports up to 1,000 nodes in a single mesh network.

Based on Xingtera’s G.hn and wired communication chipset portfolio, these wired communication modules can offer reliable and high-speed multi-node networks without the need for new cable installation. Wired or wireline communication technologies can play an important role in commercial, industrial, or IoT applications, especially when wireless communication cannot be used, or as a complement to wireless networks. 

Module Portfolio

Please refer to the following table for a brief introduction to our modules. 

Max PHY Rate Max Num Nodes Dimension Interface Application Examples
MOD927 20Mbps 1,000 25x65mm Ethernet/Serial/GPIO Smart grid, building automation
MOD930 100Mbps 1,000 32x32mm Ethernet/Serial/GPIO Industrial IoT and connectivity 
MOD920 200Mbps 16 38x38mm Ethernet/GPIO Surveillance camera (embedded)
MOD923 200Mbps 16 25x65mm Ethernet/Serial/GPIO Ethernet over coax / twisted pair
MOD957 1,000Mbps 8 25x45mm Ethernet High-speed home network
MOD958 2,000Mbps 8 25x45mm Ethernet High-speed Internet access

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Ultra-High-Performance G.hn Modules

For ultra-high-performance power-line communication (PLC) or Ethernet or IP over coax/twisted-pair/2-wire (EoC/EoTP) applications, the G.hn series modules MOD957 and MOD958 are recommended. Both modules are fully ITU-T G.hn standards compliant, and support mesh topology with plug and play functions. The maximum PHY rate is 2Gbps, and the maximum throughput exceeds 1.7Gbps. Therefore these modules can enable ultra-high-speed applications such as 4K video streaming, virtual reality, home networking, or access networking.

High-Performance Wired Communication Modules

For high-performance Ethernet or IP over coax/twisted-pair/2-wire (EoC/EoTP) applications, especially security surveillance camera networking requirements, MOD920 and MOD923 are recommended. These modules support up to 200 Mbps PHY rate, and up to 100Mbps uni-directional throughput. MOD923 has been applied in IP camera upgraded projects worldwide, while MOD920 (38x38mm) can be easily integrated into surveillance cameras so that IP cameras can be directly connected using existing coax cables.

PLC and Wired IoT Modules

For power-line communication (PLC) applications involving hundreds of nodes, MOD927 and MOD930 are recommended. MOD927 has a maximum PHY rate of 20Mbps, and support aggregate data rate in the range of 10Mbps. MOD930 has a maximum PHY rate of 100Mbps, and support aggregate data rate in the range of 40Mbps. They can be deployed for large scale IP-based mesh networks based only on existing wires including DC or AC power-line, serial cables, or twisted pair. Applications such as building automation networks, or mining voice communication networks, can all benefit from these modules by reusing existing cables.

Module Customization

We are also able to customize G.hn, wired, or wireline communication modules according to your requirements. If you have unique requirements that our current offering of modules cannot meet completely, we may also help you to design a new module according to your specifications. For further information, please contact us.

Module Applications