Wired IoT Connectivity Chipset

Brief Description

Xingtera XT810_200 Chipset

The XT810/XT200 chipset is a Powerline Communication (PLC) controller designed to connect a wide range of home network devices in a flexible manner using existing residential electrical wiring. Its capabilities include transmission of high-definition video and other broadband content, as well as serial or UART data packets. Although it was designed initially for powerline media, it has found applications in coax and twisted pair media.

The XT810 incorporates a 32-bit ARM9 processor and provides a single-chip implementation of high-performance OFDM functionality, MAC processing functionality with high-quality QoS support, and powerline communication/Ethernet bridge functionality.

QoS functionality can be used to guarantee a fixed communication speed for a variety of communications ranging from data transmission to video streaming and IP telephony.

The XT200 is a highly integrated analog front-end IC for PLC transceivers. Data rate is supported up to 80 MSPS and 160 MSPS in Rx path and Tx path, respectively. The digital interface provides full-duplex operation. Interfacing can be either binary or twos compliment, LSB or MSB first. A serial port interface (SPI) allows software programmability of the front-end. An on-chip PLL multiplier and synthesizer provide all the required clock signals from a single crystal or clock source. The XT200 is specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


Thanks to compatibility with the ubiquitous Ethernet standard, the XT810/XT200 chipset can be easily connected to network-enabled products such as security surveillance camera networking (over coax), building automation and building access control, smart payment system networking, smart nurse call station networking, and train cabin or car infotainment system networking.


  • Network construction and optimization, advanced network diagnostics and management.
  • Powerline network bridge function compatible with Ethernet address system.
  • Ensuring the security and easy connectivity by data encryption using AES.
  • High-speed communications up to 432 carriers within 2-28MHz band (Maximum PHY Rate: 240Mbps without notch)
  • Error correction and selective transmission retry to achieve efficient frame transfer.
  • Determine the optimal rate according to the power line channel characteristics with the multilevel modulation for each sub-carrier.
  • Optional sub-carriers masking function to be adapted to individual country’s regulations.
  • Level-up function to achieve maximum speed under individual country’s regulations.