Xingtera Successfully Completes Field Trials of Industry’s First Communication Solution for EVCS

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SHANGHAI, CHINA –(Marketwired – June 06, 2016) – Xingtera and Star Charge today jointly announced that they have completed their trial runs of the first ever high-speed powerline communication (PLC) based EVCS networking solution. The success of “EVConnect 2.0” field trials marks an important milestone for the powerline communication technology as well as the EVCS market. The combination of the wide-spread, real-world application of the powerline communication technology and the emerging, vast EVCS market makes it a profound achievement.

Xingtera is a communication IC, HW, and SW startup, founded by industry veterans at the heart of Silicon Valley in 2010 and financially backed by world leading venture capital firms. Star Charge is one of the Chinese leading EVCS operators, with more than 20,000 charging devices already deployed across China. The two companies started the strategic cooperation in 2015 to achieve a higher-level intelligent operations of EVCS and realize value-add services such as commercial advertisement display.

“EVConnect” is the broadband powerline networking solution developed by Xingtera to specifically address the need for the EVCS market. It provides communication access native to powerline to individual EV charging device and meets the demand for payment, remote EVCS management, and video downloading.

“EVConnect” is based on XT1200, Xingtera’s gigabit wireline communication ASIC. XT1200 complies with ITU-T’s standards, which include a series of protocols for long distance communication over existing wires such as powerline, coaxial cable, or telephone wire. Because of the advanced technology of, it has already been adopted by world leading telecom carriers such as China Telecom for home networking applications.

Since November 2015, “EVConnect 1.0” solution has been deployed in several EV charging stations across Shanghai, either by new installation or replacement of existing GPRS modules. With the new solution, network access can be obtained through existing powerline, indoor or outdoor. All charging stations’ network has been running smoothly since the installation. In cases where existing charging devices could not be utilized because of lack of network access, Xingtera’s solution has helped to bring those devices online.

Xingtera recently released “EVConnect 2.0,” which supports HD screens on top of charging devices, with the option of video downloading via powerline. In May 2016, a new-generation EVCS device with an integrated video screen, enabled by “EVConnect 2.0,” went online in Star Charge’s dealership in Yuqiao, Shanghai. Video displays of commercials during electrical vehicle charging were enthusiastically received by customers.

Star Charge was highly positive about the trial result. Ms. Shao Danwei, the chairwoman of Star Charge, said, “The successful field trial of ‘EVConnect 2.0’ shows that the solution is now ready for adoption for our charging stations. Compared to all existing networking solutions, Xingtera’s solution has its unique advantages. For example, when we used GPRS modules to connect EVCS to the Internet, the communication was not always reliable and broadband applications such as video downloading were not possible because of its low bandwidth. Now, with Xingtera’s solution, individual charging station is no longer limited by the strength of the wireless signal at its location. We actually save monthly data fee charge by removing GPRS modules. In the long run, Star Charge will select ‘EVConnect 2.0’ for future charging device deployment so that more bandwidth-hungry, value-add applications can be integrated to generate more profit for our company.”

Ms. Niu Yuqing, the chairwoman of Xingtera, said, “Looking at the result of the field trial, we are confident that ‘EVConnect 2.0’ has matured and is therefore ready for large-scale deployment. In the future of the EVCS market, communication plays the key role in more value-add business such as video commercial display. High-speed powerline communication technology fits this market perfectly because it provides stable network connection without additional wiring. Xingtera will keep upgrading the ‘EVConnect’ solution in order to satisfy increasing demand for all kinds of networking applications from next generation charging devices.”

“EVConnect” will address the networking issue for EVCS operators and help to realize intelligent operation platforms by enabling more related applications. In the same time, the solution will also bring enhanced experience to every EV owner during their charging process.

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