Chipsets Chipset

XT1200 chipsetXT1000 Series Chipsets
The XT1000 Series chipsets are Xingtera’s based, ultra-high performance, carrier-grade chipset product line. They are capable of delivering up to 2Gbps data rate over any residential or commercial wirings including powerline, coax cable, or phone line. The chipsets are based on the Xingtera XT-DSPTM and XT-HardcoreMACTM architecture. XT1000 series is fully compliant to the ITU-T standards and has received certification from the HomeGrid Forum.

Wired IoT Chipset

XT810 chipsetXT800 Series Wired IoT Chipset
The XT800 Series chipsets are Xingtera’s wired IoT product line, with ultra-low power consumption, and supporting up to 1,000 nodes within a domain. The chipsets can support Ethernet network over powerline communication (PLC), coax cable (EoC), or twisted pair cables (UTP). The system is capable of connecting a wide range of commercial or industrial IoT devices and terminals in a flexible manner using all kinds of existing electrical wiring. Its capabilities include transmission of high-definition video and other broadband content…