Home Networking by G.hn Power-Line + Mesh WiFi

G.hn Mesh WiFi Power-Line Communication Router FrontG.hn Mesh WiFi Power-Line Communication Router Back

G.hn is the best solution for high-speed home networking backhaul based on existing wires, including power-line (powerline), phone lines, and coax cables.

Common mesh WiFi devices use 5GHz wireless channels for Internet backhaul (networking between slave APs and gateway or access point). However, wireless backhaul channel performance degrades rapidly when there are walls or floors/ceilings between AP and gateway. Therefore, even with multiple APs across the rooms, user experience is still not optimized even the signal strength seems good on WiFi client devices (cell phones, tablets, etc).

Meanwhile, G.hn technologies utilize existing power-lines (powerlines) already installed throughout the house, and therefore the signals will not be affected by walls or floors. In addition, Xingtera’s G.hn PLC solutions support 100MHz MIMO technology, which uses 2 PLC channels via live/neutral and ground wires. Because the ground wire is generally cleaner, the MIMO technology provides even better performance and stability for power-line communication. 

The G.hn + WiFi Adapter has built-in Quality of Service (QoS) and high-speed data transmission rate up to 2,000Mbps. It provides robust and high-quality network connectivity for multimedia display on IPTV, HDTV, SDTV, and other digital network applications. Each adapter has 128-bit AES-CCM security with pair-wise keying support. The system can be used to connect any mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or PCs by Ethernet or WiFi.

Furthermore, Xingtera’ G.hn PLC solution supports advanced neighborhood domain interference mitigation (NDIM) algorithms. This feature is especially useful when several neighbors all have deployed G.hn systems for home networking purposes. G.hn chipsets are capable of smart detection of neighboring domains and more efficient coordination of transmitting and receiving time slots in order to minimize interference across different homes. Therefore, G.hn PLC solutions will have much better user experiences compared to legacy PLC devices.


  • Ultra high speed (up to 2Gbps) home networking over powerline, phone line, or coax cable
  • Integrated products with G.hn and WiFi chipset for home Internet coverage 


  • Stand-alone (wall-mount) G.hn power-line communication (PLC) adapter 
  • Integrated (wall-mount) G.hn power-line communication (PLC) + WiFi (802.11n/ac, 2.4/5GHz dual-band) adapter 
  • Integrated (desktop) G.hn power-line communication (PLC) + WiFi (802.11n/ac, 2.4/5GHz dual-band) router


  • Compliant with ITU-T G.hn (Learn more about G.hn) standard (G.9960 and G.9961)
  • Compliant with China Telecom smart router standard
  • Built-in Neighborhood domain interference mitigation (NDIM)
  • Compliant with EN50561-1 electromagnetic compatibility standard

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Application Examples:

G.hn Power-Line Home Network Topology

 Solution Block Diagram:

G.hn power-line system level diagram