Ethernet-TV Over Coax Solution

Ethernet – TV Coupler over Coaxial Cable

Application: XT1200 based Ethernet-TV over coaxial solution that works on existing coaxial cables already installed at homes. The solution allows transmission of Ethernet and terrestrial data as well as the power supply to power up the outdoor devices. 

Products: XT1200 Chipsets, coax adapters


  • Re-use existing coax cable to provide Ethernet connection between outdoor CPE and indoor Ethernet router
  • No impact on existing TV signals
  • No need for new wire installation
  • All outdoor devices can be powered via coax cable from indoor device

Application Examples:

Product Features:

  • Outdoor Coax Adaptor
    • Powered by 48V coax cable (from ICU)
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 coax port for TV signal (optional 12V DC supply amplifier)
      • 1 coax port to receive power from the ICU
    • Provides 1 Ethernet port with PoE (802.11at, 30W max)
    • Water-proof (IP65)
  • Indoor Coax Unit (ICU)
    • Powered by 48V DC supply.
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 regular coax port (for TV, with HPF)
      • 1 coax port with 48V DC supply for OCU
    • Provides 1 regular Ethernet port
    • 100-230V AC-DC adaptor included