Ethernet-TV-WiFi Over Coax Solution technology supports up to 1.7Gbps throughput over coax cable, making it an ideal solution for high-speed Ethernet or WiFi over coax requirements. In particular, because uses OFDM technology, its frequency usage can be tuned to easily co-exist with TV (terrestrial/satellite/cable) signals. In addition, coax cable can also be used for reverse power feeding so that outdoor units do not require a standalone power supply, further simplifying deployments. 


  • Ethernet + TV over coax solution with power-over-coax support
  • Outdoor to indoor satellite TV or Internet access over coax with reverse power feeding
  • Building Internet access network over coax solution for outdoor/rooftop wireless Internet access (4G/5G/60GHz CPE)



  • Up to 1.7Gbps throughput over coax
  • Up to 8 nodes connected in a single coax network
  • Re-use existing coax cable to provide high-speed Ethernet connection between outdoor CPE and indoor Ethernet router
  • Co-exist with terrestrial/satellite/cable TV signals
  • No need for new wire installation
  • All outdoor devices can be powered via coax cable from indoor device

Application Examples:

Product Features:

  • Outdoor Coax Adaptor
    • Powered by 48V coax cable (from ICU)
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 coax port for TV signal (optional 12V DC supply amplifier)
      • 1 coax port to receive power from the ICU
    • Provides 1 Ethernet port with PoE (802.11at, 30W max)
    • Water-proof (IP65)
  • Indoor Coax Unit (ICU)
    • Powered by 48V DC supply.
    • Provides 2 coax ports
      • 1 regular coax port (for TV, with HPF)
      • 1 coax port with 48V DC supply for OCU
    • Provides 1 regular Ethernet port
    • 100-230V AC-DC adaptor included