Building Automation Networking by Power-Line Communication

Building Automation Network over Power-Line Communication PLC

Xingtera offers chipsets, modules, and solutions for power-line communication (PLC) based building automation networks.

For building automation devices, they usually require lengthy bundles of wires of different types running from floors to floors. Meanwhile, powerlines are always available in all parts of a building, therefore making it an ideal medium for building automation data communication. 

With Xingtera’s power-line technology, a multi-node network of up to 1,000 clients with up to 40Mbps aggregate throughput can be established within a building over powerlines. Therefore the wiring and installation for building automation devices and terminals can be greatly simplified. 

In addition, we provide a flexible selection of interfaces including Ethernet (RJ-45), RS-232/RS-485, general UART/serial ports, MODBUS, and GPIOs. The PLC-based building automation devices can therefore easily talk to all kinds of terminals or clients, including sensors, actuators, hubs, controllers, etc. 

In order to facilitate legacy building automation networks, Xingtera solution also supports BACNet/IP over power-line, and two-way BACNet/IP – MODBUS conversion. We can also offer further HW and SW customization according to particular requirements for building automation applications.


  • Ethernet-based building automation networking over power-line (AC/DC) or twisted-pair cables (2-pair)
  • Serial (RS-232/RS-485) based building automation networking over power-line (AC/DC) or twisted-pair cables (2-pair)
  • BACnet/IP based building automation networking over power-line (AC/DC) or twisted-pair cables (2-pair)
  • Mixed Ethernet, BACnet/IP, and MODBUS networks over power-line with real-time protocol conversion support


  • Xingtera technologies support up to 1,000 nodes or terminals within a single power-line or twisted-pair network
  • Up to 40Mbps aggregate data rate
  • All devices can act as BACNet/IP  terminals with sensor/actuator capability 
  • BACnet/IP – MODBUS real-time conversion
  • Support Ethernet or serial/UART interfaces
  • Automated network setup with multi-hop functionality
  • Mature solutions verified in Europe and Asia


  • MOD927 module for high-speed building automation IP network over power-line communication and real-time power consumption management 

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