Ethernet over Coax Adapter/Extender

Xingtera Ethernet over Coax Adapter (Front)Xingtera Ethernet over Coax Adapter (Back)

Xingtera Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Adapter/Extender, based on Xingtera wired communication or chipsets, enables ultra-high-speed multi-node IP networks over all kinds of coaxial cables. There are different PHY data rate options ranging from 100Mbps, 1,000Mbps, to 2,000Mbps. Up to 16 nodes can be supported in a single network, based on a single coax cable. 

The Ethernet over coax (EoC) adapters/extenders allow users to extend Ethernet, Internet, video surveillance cameras, or other IP networks, by reusing existing coax cables. Depending on the required throughput, coax cables of up to 3KM can be used for the Ethernet over coax adapters/extenders, thus greatly reduce costs for IP upgrade or other networking projects where Ethernet cables cannot support the required distance or optical fibers cannot be installed easily. In addition, these adapters require very little installation effort or initial setup. Multi-node networks can be established automatically, while easy configuration can be performed by webpages or configuration tools.

Xingtera Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Adapter/Extender integrates a BNC coax connector and an RJ45 connector and is completely plug & play. It works under the following conditions:

  • 12V DC (External DC power supply is required)
  • BNC coax connector
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet on RJ45 with auto-negotiation.
  • Master/slave switch (for 100Mbps model)
  • LEDs indicating
    • Power on/off
    • Coax activity
    • LAN activity

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Adapter/Extender Specifications

  • 3 models, supporting maximum data rate of 100Mbps, 1Gpbs, and 2Gbps
  • Based on Xingtera PLC or chipsets 
  • Ethernet extension over coax cables with maximum transmission distance up to 3Km
  • Up to 16 nodes supported in a single network
  • Works in real coax environment with multiple splitters
  • State-of-the-art LDPC error correction algorithm
  • Large dynamic range up to 80dB attenuation
  • PHY layer retransmission to overcome instantaneous impulse noises and guarantee delivery
  • 128-bit AES-CCM encryption 
  • QoS support with four priority queues
  • Automatic network setup
  • Webpage or tool based easy device configuration 
  •  Low power consumption

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