G.hn Chipsets and Solutions

G.hn Standards

The G.hn (Ghn) chipsets and solutions are designed to comply with the ITU-T G.hn standards, the family of wired communication and home networking specifications developed under the International Telecommunication Union’s Standardization arm (ITU-T) and promoted by the HomeGrid Forum along with several other organizations. The G.hn specification defines ultra-high-speed networking over power lines, phone lines and coaxial cables with data rates up to 2,000Mbps. It is a complementary counterpart to WiFi technologies because G.hn provides a better way for Internet coverage throughout the house based on existing wires. 

For more information regarding the G.hn standards and technologies, please visit G.hn Standards & FAQs.

XT1000 Series G.hn Chipsets

Xingtera G.hn Chipset XT1800/XT128

The XT1000 Series (XT1800/XT1900/XT1910) chipsets are Xingtera’s G.hn (Ghn) based, high performance, carrier-grade chipset product line. The chipsets are fully compliant to the ITU-T G.hn standards, with support of multiple media including coax cables, power-lines, phone lines, twisted-pair cables, and other copper wires. The XT1000 series chipsets are capable of running ITU-T G.hn compliant 100MHz MIMO (XT1800/XT1900 over power-lines) and 200MHz SISO (XT1800/XT1910 over phone lines or coax cables) bandplans. The maximum PHY rate is 2Gbps, while the maximum throughput can reach 1.7Gbps.

The XT1000 series chipsets can be used to build various G.hn-enabled home networking or access networking products: power-line communication (PLC) adapters, Ethernet and WiFi extenders (over power-line, coax, or phone line), G.hn + Mesh WiFi devices, home gateways, set-top boxes (STB), home entertainment systems, network-attached storage devices (NAS), HDTVs, home security surveillance systems, digital signage, healthcare networking systems, gaming consoles, desktop PCs, etc.

G.hn Chipsets Features

  • Automatic detection and time-domain (TD)/ frequency (FD) adaptive configuration – Maximize the data rate for a given channel condition
  • G.hn domain master: dynamic topology detection and routing; remote management capability
  • Low power consumption with power-saving modes and advanced power management

G.hn Chipsets Specifications

  • G.hn (Ghn) home network controller with RGMII interface for Ethernet connection
  • Support LDPC with FEC rate of 1/2, 2/3, 5/6, 16/18, and 20/21 and Low Complicity Profile (LCP)
  • Traffic classification: L2-4 header classification and flow-based analysis in HW
  • Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) and switch HW to reach optimal MAC/DLL performance
  • 128-bit AES-CCM security with pair-wise keying and PAK support
  • 1K-entry, 4-way associative MAC table supporting unicast and multicast addresses
  • 4K–entry single tag/ double tag VLAN support
  • IGMP v2/v3 and MLD v1/v2 support
  • Stable Ethernet traffic with guaranteed BW & latency, time-stamping & synchronization
  • Optional DDR2/DDR3 interface for packet buffering and CPU instruction & data storage

G.hn Firmware

  • Turnkey solution ready with customization options available 
  • Embedded real-time operating system
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack and HTTP/Telnet server for remote management
  • Easy-to-use GUI interface for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics
  • Optional support of TR-069/TR-181/STUN/XMPP for remote management 

System Performance

G.hn Chipset Performance Chart

G.hn ModulesXingtera G.hn Wired Communication Module

Xingtera offers a wide range of G.hn modules (Ghn modules) based on our chipsets and technologies. These G.hn modules are designed to have minimum footprint for easy integration to host or client devices. The MOD957 G.hn module supports 100MHz bandplan and 1,000Mbps PHY rate, while the MOD958 G.hn module supports 200MHz bandplan and 2,000Mbps PHY rate.

For more information, please visit Xingtera wired communication modules.

G.hn Adapters

Xingtera and its partners offer several options of G.hn (Ghn) chipset based adapters or devices, including G.hn power-line adapters and G.hn + WiFi routers. 

For more information, please visit Xingtera system products.

G.hn Solutions

G.hn + WiFi Home Network SolutionG.hn PLC + Mesh WiFi Adapter

The combination of G.hn and WiFi technologies will enable full coverage of high-speed data networks via existing electrical wiring at home. G.hn can provide reliable Ethernet backhaul across multiple rooms, while WiFi can provide the best user experience using mobile devices. The traditional rate drop or instability caused by WiFi signal going through walls or ceilings can finally be resolved. 

G.hn Access Network Solution

G.hn over coax cables or phone lines can be used as the next-generation access network technology. With up to 2Gbps throughput and multi-node support, legacy wires such as existing phone wires, or residential coax TV cables can be re-used to deliver gigabit Internet data network, without interference with current phone or TV services. 

Video Surveillance Network Solution

For legacy analog video surveillance cameras, the major issue for upgrading to digital or IP surveillance camera is the installation of new wires (Ethernet cable or optical fiber). Using G.hn technology, the existing coax cable can be re-used for stable and high performance (up to 2Gbps) Ethernet network. In addition, the G.hn Ethernet over coax solution can support longer cable length (up to 2KM) and more nodes (up to 8) connected to a single coax cable, therefore enabling easy addition of more cameras based on the old wires. 

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G.hn Customization

We provide customization services based on G.hn chipsets and solutions, to fully meet your unique applications and requirements.

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