VP Marketing & Founder – David Chin

David brings 20 years of prolific experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to Xingtera, he spent 10 years in marketing and engineering at Broadcom. During his marketing tenure, David defined and successfully marketed more than 10 products in the Network Switching Business Unit, doubling the revenue and increased market segment leadership in SMB, xPON MTU/MDU, EPON/DOCSIS3/xDSL Home Gateways, and Cellular BTS. Prior to his marketing role, he managed 100+ person engineering team in the US and Taiwan and developed over 20 network security, networking switching, WLAN router, and PoE PSE controller products. David came to Broadcom through acquisition of Bluesteel Networks, a network security company which he co-founded and where he built the ASIC/HW/SW team from scratch. Prior to Bluesteel, he was with Intel, working on compiler technology and IA-64 architecture, Pentium II CPU design, and Pentium BiCMOS process and flash EEPROM process technology.

David received an M.S. degree and a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley.