Chief Science Officer – Alberto Jiménez Feltström

Alberto has close to 20 years of experience in different communication industries worldwide. Prior to joining Xingtera, he was with AT4wireless, DS2, and Ericsson Mobile Platforms. In AT4wireless, currently Agilent, he created the engineering group that developed the physical layers used in test systems for Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE, UMTS/WCDMA/3G, HSDPA/HSUPA, WiMAX, and RFID. During his tenure with DS2, currently Marvell, as a system architect, he defined and designed key physical layer technologies related to channel coding, equalization, and synchronization for the DS2 power-line communication chips. He also participated in ITU-T Q4/SG15 and was the author of the LDPC coding scheme adopted by the standard -G.9960. In Ericsson Mobile Platform, he developed several audio processing technologies that have been widely used in many cellular terminals.

Alberto received the MScEE and PhD degrees in Telecommunication Theory from Lund University, Sweden. He is an IEEE member and a holder of several internationally issued patents. In addition, he has published several papers in the international technical journals. In 1997 he invented the convolutional LDPC code that is being used in systems such as PLC adaptors.