XT1200 Chipset

Brief Description

Xingtera XT1200 G.hn chipsetThe XT1200 is the first-generation G.hn product from Xingtera. It is a home network controller based on the Xingtera patent-pending XT-DSPTM and XT-HardcoreMACTM architecture. Fully compliant to the ITU-T G.hn standard, XT1200 supports all three media: coax, power line, and phone line. For coax, the device is capable to operate in either baseband or RF bands. The product supports ITU-T compliant 25MH, 50MHz and 100MHz bandplans. XT1200 also supports 200MHz bandplan for up to 2 Gbps performance, twice the ITU-T performance goal.


XT1200, in conjunction with its companion AFE chip, XT100, can be used to build various G.hn-enabled home networking products: home gateways, set-top boxes (STB), home entertainment systems, network-attached storage devices (NAS), HDTVs, home security surveillance systems, digital signage, WLAN extenders, home healthcare systems, gaming consoles, desktop PCs, etc.


  • Flexible home network media: coax (RF and baseband), power line, and phone line
  • Parameterized and prioritized QoS
  • Support network topology up to 254 nodes
  • Automatic detection and time domain (TD)/ frequency (FD) adaptive configuration – Maximize the data rate for a given channel condition
  • G.hn domain master: dynamic topology detection and routing; remote management capability
  • Low power consumption with power saving modes and advanced power management


  • G.hn home network controller with
    • 2x 3.125Gbps SerDes for the high-speed interface to XT100, AFE device for XT1200
    • 2x EMACs w/ GMII/RGMII/MII/RvMII interface
    • Dual low-power ARM CPU cores for control plane processing
    • 1×16-bit DDR II/III interface
  • Support LDPC with FEC rate of 1/2, 2/3, 5/6, 16/18, and 20/21 and Low Complicity Profile (LCP)
  • Traffic classification: L2-4 header classification and flow-based analysis in HW
  • Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) and switch HW to reach optimal MAC/DLL performance
  • 128-bit AES-CCM security with pair-wise keying and PAK support
  • 1K-entry, 4-way associative MAC table supporting unicast and multicast addresses
  • 4K–entry single tag/ double tag VLAN support
  • IGMP v2/v3 and MLD v1/v2 support
  • AV traffic with guaranteed BW & latency, time stamping & synchronization
  • Optional DDR2/DDR3 interface for packet buffering and CPU instruction & data storage
  • Low-power CMOS w/ 1.2V core & 2.5/3.3V I/O; Full commercial temperature range (0-70C)
  • QFN package w/ exposed thermal pad; Pb & Halogen free and ROHS compliant


  • Embedded real time operating system
  • API for application customization
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack and HTTP/Telnet server for remote management
  • Easy-to-use GUI interface for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics